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FREE Ebook - Basic PC Anatomy

FREE Ebook - Basic PC Anatomy

I always say "in a boat, out on a lake, with a six pack of beer, fishing. That's reality. Everything else in life is just a game we play." Computers are a part of that game, a toy that everybody takes way too serious. If you don't understand computers, if you're not up on the latest computer lingo, you're considered illiterate. This ebook can help.

Maybe you want to build your own computer, or maybe you want to fix the computer you already have. Before you tackle those jobs you might first want to first learn the basic structure and operation of computers. This ebook can help.

Most basic computer books drag you through the entire history of computers, wasting your time learning about interfaces and hardware that haven't been seen in decades. Or they use pictures with large brightly colored areas like you're a preschooler. Or they load the book up with filler like you're a dummy or an idiot.

This ebook explains the main components and functions of a computer in an efficient and concise manor without taking you down memory lane or wasting your time with witty filler material. When you finish reading it, you'll understand enough about computers to no longer be considered illiterate, and you'll still have time left to go fishing.

The Computers Back Connector Panel
Power Supply Form Factors
Motherboard Form Factors
PC Processor Fundamentals
Understanding Computer Memory
PC Disk File Systems
Anatomy of a Hard Drive
Hardware Resources Explained
Device Driver Basics
Plug and Play Resource Allocation
Serial ATA Hard Drive
The Universal Serial Bus
IEEE-1394 FireWire
The Small Computer System Interface (SCSI)
Understanding the Software Layers of a Computer

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