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RC0-903 A+ Recertification Practice Questions

As of January 1, 2010, the CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ certifications are no longer "open-ended" permanent certifications. Instead, they will expire three years from issue, after which the holder will need to refresh the certification to remain current. RC0-903 is the exam for A+ recertification. To use this practice exam, simply number a blank sheet of paper from 1 to 15 and write your answers next to the question number. The answers are at the end of this article.

Question: 1

A user wants to quickly share pictures between mobile devices. The devices will be in close proximity so the necessity of a third party service and/or another networking device is not required. Which of the following is the BEST option for this scenario?

D. WiFi

Question: 2

Which of the following would need to be enabled on a mobile phone to share its Internet connection with multiple devices simultaneously?

B. Bluetooth
C. Hotspot
D. Tethering

Question: 3

Android smartphones are typically different from other smartphone devices in that:

A. Android devices use apps that are more secure than other devices.
B. Android devices use open source operating systems.
C. Android devices can only operate with a proprietary operating system.
D. Android devices can receive apps from different sources.

Question: 4

Recently a company updated their network infrastructure. A user reports that a laptop is experiencing slower network speeds since the update. Which of the following would the technician replace, rather than purchase a new device?

A. Wireless NIC
D. Hard drive

Question: 5

Legacy software needs to be installed on a netbook. Which of the following is MOST likely needed in order to install the software?

A. Lightning port
B. Bluetooth adapter 
C. USB optical drive
D. NFC chip

Question: 6

Wearable fitness tracking devices use which of the following technologies to determine user activity levels?

A. Digitizer
B. Gyroscope
C. Accelerometer
D. Inverter

Question: 7

A user, Ann, is preparing to travel abroad and wants to ensure that her laptop will work properly. Which of the following components of the laptop should be verified FIRST to ensure power compatibility before traveling?

A. Wall adapter
B. Battery
C. Power supply
D. Digitizer

Question: 8

A laptop is setup at a podium for a presentation but is set to extended desktop. The presenter would like it to show exactly what the laptop screen is showing. Which of the following would be the QUICKEST way to accomplish this?

A. Look for the setting in control panel
B. Toggle the dual display function key
C. Change the screen orientation
D. Reboot the laptop

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