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Downloads Section

To download certain ebooks you'll need the password. To get the pasword, go to the front page of bucarotechelp.com and look in the right column and scroll down to the FREE downloads icon and look at the end of the text next to that icon, where you will see the password. While on the front page, you might notice that the middle column is a list of recent articles posted on the site, and scrolling down further in the right column gives them an idea of what other stuff is on the site for you.

To download the best of the eBooks you don't need the password because download pages are scattered throughout the various other sections and subsections of the website. Use the main menu to navigate to a section that you're interested in, choose a subsection, scroll the menu in the right column and if you see an "e" icon next to the article name, it's actually a free eBook to download with no password required.

For example, go to the Computers section - Basic PC Anatomy section. Scroll down to see the menu in the right column. Scroll through the menu and you'll see a couple of "e" icons. These point to pages where you can download eBooks with no-password required. Many of the download pages in this Downloads section just point to the no-password required download page in the site's section related to the eBook's topic.

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Computer eBooks Computer eBooks
Here you'll find Bucaro TecHelp's popular PC Technician's Toolkit, Basic PC Anatomy and Build Your Own Computer plus many more absolutely FREE ebooks. There's no longer any reason to be anything less than a computer expert.

Web Design eBooks Web Design eBooks
Here you'll find Bucaro TecHelp's popular HTML Quick Reference, Basic Cascading Style Sheets, Web Design Made Simple, Easy Visual Effects to Spice Up Your Webpage, Color Harmony in Web Design, plus many more absolutely FREE ebooks.

Programming eBooks Programming eBooks
Here you'll find the Beginner’s Guide to Java Programming, Easy Web Programming, The Learning ASP Series, Basic XML and several more FREE programming ebooks.

Graphics Graphics
Here you'll find Web Graphics Warehouse, Harmwave - Freeware Image Processing Application, Paint Shop Pro Version 4.12 Shareware and several more downloads.

Business eBooks Business eBooks
Here you'll find Web Business Ideas, Get Paid on the Web, The Birth of a Professional Web Site, An Action Plan For Marketing Your Web Site, Internet Marketing Tools, Making an Income Online without a Web Site or eZine, plus many more absolutely FREE ebooks.

General Subject eBooks General Subject eBooks
Here you'll find Expand Your Child's Knowledge, Success at Work, Health Hazards Alert, How to Survive and Thrive in this Crazy World, plus many more absolutely FREE ebooks.

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Downloads Sections

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