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How to Install a Thermostat

Hunter 44905 Universal 7-Day Programmable Thermostat

Hunter's 44905 universal seven-day programmable thermostat is compatible on all system types and was specially designed to install easily and work effortlessly. Installation can be completed in five minutes or less thanks to screwless color-coded wire terminals, a built-in level bulb, and all-purpose screws. The patent-pending programming interface allows users to program this thermostat in 25 percent fewer steps than other similar thermostats.

Convenient seven-day programming capabilities allow users to customize programs to best suit their lifestyles and habits. Equipped with an energy guide, this thermostat provides users instant feedback on energy savings as settings are changed, and the save away one-touch override maximizes energy and cost savings opportunities when home owners are away. Plus, the home today override keeps users comfortable on days when they'd normally be away from home. And its high-contrast LED backlit touchscreen control panel makes it easier than ever to clearly read and program temperatures throughout the home.

Thermostat user J. Wilson says, "I had purchased one of these about a year ago from Lowe's when my old thermostat failed. I liked it so much that when my other old thermostat failed I wanted another. Not in stock any longer. So found it here. Great product and so easy to program.

Thermostat user Edward L. Nelson says, "I did my research before buying the Hunter 44905, it was rated in the top five of most reviews. I was not disappointed. The installation was breeze - that coming from a person who is less than handy. The programing was also very easy. The display is easy to read; with one touch the panel lights up and is easy to see. I especially like the 'away from home' feature. There is nothing that I don't like about the Hunter. I highly recommend it.

Webmaster comment: A common thermostat has 6 wires: [C] black, [R] red, [G] green, [B] blue or [O] orange, [Y] yellow, and [W] white. Note that the wire colors don't always match the letters, so go by the letters, not the color of the wire. The [C] and [R] are the 24 volt AC transformer common and hot leads. [G] activates the fan. [B] or [O] activate the heat pump reversing valve. [Y] activates the compressor. [W] activates the heat.

Some systems have [Y1] and [Y2] connections. This is a multistage heat pump. It saves money by operating on low when less cooling is called for, and high when more cooling is called for.

Some systems have [W1] and [W2] connections. This is a system with auxiliary heat. When less heat is called for it uses the heat pump. When more heat is called for it activates an auxiliary electic heating element.

If you need a thermostat for a system where you don't know exactly what you need, this thermostat will work. It has connections for single-stage or multi-stage compressors, regular heat systems or systems with auxiliary heat, or just about any other configuration. You would hard-pressed to find a heating-cooling system that this thermostat was not capable of controlling.

This thermostat is easy to install and although it has powerful programmable features, it's also easy to program, especially since you can unsnap it from the wall and go sit somewhere comfortably while you program it. It's also easy to just use it in manual mode.

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