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The Art & Science Of Dumpster Diving

The Art & Science Of Dumpster Diving

This book takes you on a roller-coaster tour of America's back alleys. You'll see amazing wealth carelessly discarded: food - tons of it - in clean sanitary packaging; cloths, often freshly washed and folded; building supplies; furniture; toys; CDs and DVDs; books; flowers; photographs; documents; and much more!

This book will show you how to get anything you want - anything you need - ABSOLUTELY FREE! In step-by-step, illustrated detail. John Hoffman shows how to:

o Dress for dumpster diving success
o Work your neighborhood dumpsters
o Dive a restaurant
o Use food salvaged from dumpsters
o Use a "bag blade" and "dive stick"
o Handle run-ins with the authorities
o Convert your trash to cash
o And much more!


Dumpster diving is no longer the action of last resort. Dumpster diving, in fact, can be your edge, your vital Darwinian advantage.

Dumpster diving - an activity pioneered by bag ladies and homeless ex-mental patients - is becoming more and more practical and profitable. So profitable, in fact, that it can make the vital difference between attaining your dreams... or returning home on a borrowed bus ticket to work at daddy's hamburger stand.

Dumpster diving does not mean scavenging amid somebody's kitchen scraps, consuming half-rotten, half-eaten chicken legs ala Hefty Bag. Yes some people do that - and those people need a hot shower and mental health care, badly. Those people commune regularly with the Space Brothers.

Your modern dumpster diver, in contrast, may be a full-time student, an apartment dweller, a semi-rural seeker of self sufficiency, or a young, educated professional - like myself. A modern dumpster diver may be somebody who chooses to work less and spend more time in pursuit of dreams, goals, activism, art - like that pop star.


1. Dumpster Dinner
2. A Realistic Path to Self-Sufficiency
3. Just Gimme Some Space!
4. Is the Wealth Really There? (Yes!)
5. What the Well-Dressed Diver is Wearing
6. Diving Techniques Illustrated
7. The "Big Three" Dumpster Hot Spots
8. The "Lucky Seven" Dive Spots
9. Converting Trash to Cash
10. More Dumpster Doings
11. Recycling Programs and Other Obstacles
12. Information Diving
13. From Novice to Master
14. Trashy Treats

A reader says,"This book is all about looking through others people's garbage cans, and finding something useful, valuable, or sellable. A LOT of good tips, especially the part about dealing with good-for-nothing rent a cops or other nosy jokers looking to make you feel guilty about being gainfully employed in salvage. Includes tips on how to minimize such confrontations and shakedowns. The author of this book emphasizes that most people, rather than finding a way to recycle, just put their burdens in the Garbage can; perfectly good and useable stuff: jewelry, watches, money, coin collections, antique toys, reloading supplies, firearms, even brand new goods still in the original box- UNOPENED!"

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