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How to Draw a Butterfly

People have always been fascinated by the beauty and ephemeral nature of the butterfly. Found in a wide range of colors and often with very vivid hues, butterflies offer the artist an endless source of drawing and coloring possibilities. Indeed, it is possible to so fall in love with drawing butterflies that you end up dedicating a lot of your drawing time to them.

Finished Butterfly Drawing

This step-by-step drawing tutorial will provide you with the basics for drawing a standard butterfly. The colors suggested here can be changed any way you like and once you've grasped this method, you'll be able to move on to trying more complex drawings of butterflies.

Draw a Butterfly Step 1

Start with the head of the butterfly. Sketch in a circle for the head. Then draw two small ovals at each side of the circle for the eyes.

Draw a Butterfly Step 2

Create the butterfly's antennae. On top of the head, draw two long lines for the antennae. Add two very small ovals at each tip to complete them.

Draw a Butterfly Step 3

Draw the body. Draw two ovals, a regular one just under the head and a more elongated one below that to form the tail end of the butterfly.

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