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FREE eBook - How to Develop Your Photography Skills

FREE Ebook - How to Develop Your Photography Skills

This information comes from the mind of professional photographers. It opened up my mind as to what the art of photography is all about. For example the part "Stop looking for subjects to photograph and learn to see." tells you to look for repetition and rhythm, texture, forms, and patterns, emotion and gesture, and many other things that I never would have thought of. If you think that you're a great photographer, like I did, maybe you need to check this out. You may have a lot to learn.


• 1. Learn the basics
• 2. Be ready
• 3. Be there
• 4. Stop looking for subjects to photograph and learn to see
• 5. Keep your photos as simple as possible
• 6. Shoot film
• 7. Show the best of your work to other people
• 8. Seek out and listen to the critiques of others
• 9. Look for work that inspires you
• 10. Learn some technical trivia
• 11. Find your niche
• Tips

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