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99 Ways To Flood Your Website With Traffic

99 Ways To Flood Your Website With Traffic

If you have ever wanted a complete list of every traffic strategy you need to get massive amounts of website traffic, 99 Ways To Flood Your Website With Traffic is the book for you. This book goes through 99 different strategies and tactics for getting visitors to your website or blog. There are 77 completely free strategies, and 22 paid traffic strategies.

Not only do you get to hear about specific websites and strategies, but you also learn how to combine certain strategies to maximize your results. When you start to put everything together into one big super traffic strategy, you are able to drive traffic to your site(s) whenever you want.

This was written to give you an overview of the different types of strategies that work well, and focuses more on coming up with the best strategy for your blog, and not just what worked on one guy's blog years ago. Most of these strategies are core tactics that can be used for years to come.

This book was built for you to be able to pick and choose your favorite strategies, come up with your own "super list", and start implementing these strategies starting immediately. You will go from A to Z with all the types of traffic strategies that work online, and this book takes you through the steps to taking action.

Oh yeah, besides the 99 traffic strategies, we have included two free bonus "pocket guides" - one guide for buying traffic (and services to stay away from), and one guide for monetizing your website traffic.

Reader Logan M says, "I don't even know where to start. For 2.99, you cannot find anything better I promise you. He literally has everything you need to know about traffic in this ebook. Everything online will probably be in this ebook so don't waste time looking around. The beauty of this book is it's organization. Every chapter is a tip and I love how he goes straight to the point with everything. It's not fluffed. He tells you what it is, why you need to do it, and how. I read this book several times already and I highly recommend this ebook to anyone who wants traffic."


Traffic generation technique Number 6 - RSS Feed Submission

This strategy is mainly for blogs, but even if you don't have a blog you should listen up. RSS means "really simple syndication", and is used to publish frequently updated blog posts (that's just my simple definition). Basically, you use an RSS feed button on your blog, and your visitors are able to subscribe to your RSS feed. Then every time you add a new post to your blog, the visitor's "feed reader" will update with the new post, and they will be able to read it.

There are thousands of websites⁄serices out there that ping, share, and publicize your RSS feed for your website. Think of it like submitting your website to a directory, but instead it's an RSS feed that consistently updates.

The trick is, send your RSS feed link to hundreds of feed aggregators and feed submitters. Most of these services are free. Once you submit your RSS link, the more you post, and the more valable your content, the more readers (and subscribers⁄visitors⁄buyers) you can potentially have.

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