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The Three Things Google Wants

The baseline of successful Search Engine Optimization is identical to pretty much the baseline to actually making money on the internet. There is only one magic wand, and it's called content. Content is the key that will convince Google to direct thousands of targeted visitors to your site.

Now, do not make the mistake to isolate the thought of content to refer to writing only. Graphic content is equally important, if not even more so with video leading the pack. But the minute one mentions video, most marketers immediately think "High Cost", when in fact you can create your own videos at no cost with Microsoft Expression Encoder... just a thought.

How to Create Useful and Interesting Content

How will you know that your content is in fact useful and interesting?

Well, that can be confirmed by just checking your visitor / hit ratio. Once a site's hit ratio exceeds its visitor count, then that is a clear indication that you have returning visitors. That will soon amount to comments and engagement that will boost your site's Page Authority. Your written content should exceed 2000 words per post, because this will boost your site's Domain Authority.

But how do you write useful and interesting content?

The best word to describe that will be knowledge, which can only be obtained through personal trial and error. You need to develop your own tactics, and that can only be done by constantly testing other concepts and compiling your own collection. As an affiliate marketer, product knowledge plays an important role which is why you need to actually purchase and use the product you intent to promote. It is the only way you will inspire curiosity with your audience, and that is a great starting point to visitor sales conversion.

As you progress, your knowledge will expand because you also need to engage with other professionals within your niche. Share ideas and tactics, but try to avoid sales pitches because that is not what professional engagement is about. First you must learn as much as you possibly can, and then your content will improve accordingly.

A great importance to highlight would also be keywords, because the keywords you wish to rank for should populate your writing especially. But there are three groups of keywords that when used in conjunction tends to get Google's attention surprisingly fast. The three groups are; Short Tail Keywords, Long Tail Keywords and Anchor text.

Short Tail Keywords

Short tail keywords are single keywords and often referred to as Primary Keywords. These are the keywords that you want present in your domain name, but be objective and precise. Let's use the Dieting Niche for demonstration. Good Short tail keywords will then be Health, Diet and Weight. These three particular keywords get searched around 982,000 times on Google per Month. That's almost a Million Searches, can you see where this keyword thing is going?

Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are normally no more than Three Keywords making up a Keyword Phrase. Within the Niche we're using for demonstration, lose weight, losing weight, lose weight fast, and fast weight loss are excellent Long Tail Keywords. They are searched around 564,100 times on Google per Month. But you will have to research the keywords relevant to your niche, which means your results will be different. Long Tail Keywords are being used in your Site, and Posts Title. It works really well if the Long and Short tail Keywords are combined.

Anchor Text - These are Longer Keyword Phrases and refer to the phrase someone will type into their browser to search a specific interest. The kind of search someone would enter when they are much more likely to buy. For this demonstration, how to lose weight, how to lose weight fast, and want to lose weight are great examples. Anchor text is what must be present on your site's home page, the Google Spider love seeing this and it helps with ranking. These anchor texts are searched 852,300 times on Google per Month. Now combine the results of the three tests we've just done.

Yes, 2,398, 400 Searches on Google per Month for the three search categories combined. By now you must realize the potential of proper keyword research, and why the 3% of super affiliate marketers get to make those disgusting amounts of money online.

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