Organic or natural seo is the best and most modern practice today for attaining long lasting search engine results. Spamming and what we call "black hat" seo practices, are over. Google, using its sophisticated algorithms, will detect these old practices and flag your website.
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Best Organic SEO Practices to Increase Your Website Traffic

Organic or natural seo is the best and most modern practice today for attaining long lasting and permanent search engine results, and thus higher traffic. Compare this to the not too long ago old days in which spamming and what we call "black hat" seo practices, are over. Search engines, especially Google, using its sophisticated algorithms, will detect these old practices and flag your website. These practices of trying to get higher and quicker rankings are no longer accepted by search engines.

Pay per click ads can be even more expensive than good seo and short lived. Thus, in order to keep your site within real and well ranked urls using pay per clicks, will not allow your website a chance to actually climb search engines.

You may use some pay per click but in order to truly be placed high in search engines a website needs real seo practice, and a natural and gradual climb up the long an even slow ladder. We call it a crawl, and that's what it does, actually in a slow manner, kind of crawl to the top of search engines. How?

Well, to start with, the right keywords are needed. Find out what are the most popular keywords people are typing into search engines, seeking a site like yours. There are free key word trackers out there and a sure way to find out what people are looking for.

Optimize your homepage content to match similar, not necessarily exactly, to those of your top ten competitors. Despite what you competitors do, a good rule of thumb is to have 3-5 keyword phrases per every 250 words of body content. Also, check your css and html for errors, links, meta tags, titles, and so forth. Optimize your site for search engines to pick it up, read it and place it higher. Search engines also like good relevant content and fresh ever changing content, once a month would be fine, even if only small changes and adding small amounts of text.

A website needs back links and a social network to help it climb as a well. Directory, social book marks, and article site submissions are excellent for this and also asking other urls to link share. Articles, written by you or another can help give your website content credit and also drive traffic and help search engine climb. There are many free sites for submitting articles, relevant to your website. Submit articles to several sites, and keep doing it each week, adding new articles.

Relevant content is important for linking with other websites. Link sharing with urls that have nothing to do with your site is not seen as good link sharing practice by search engines. You also do not want to over do it. Placing too many submissions in a short period of time will also flag your site if too many are accepted at once. 50 submissions a week, especially for newer sites is ok. Even older sites should not do too much at once. There are directory submission tools, even free, or for low fees that will allow you to submit your website. Some will offer 1000 or more in a short time. Again, this is not recommended as your site will most likely be flagged for this.

Patience is needed. Take your time and if done right, within a year or even 9 months you may see top 10 rankings in major search engines. Keywords, website editing, link building and social networking are all very important. Keep track of how your website is doing and monitor progress. Add content or change content as well on a monthly basis. You will be amazed.

Organic SEO to optimize your website and increase traffic. Best SEO practices for long term top search engine rankings.

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