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How to Generate Website Traffic with Article Marketing

No matter what your internet business, if you know how to generate website traffic with article marketing, you will have a very high chance of succeeding. This is true whether you are selling your own product online, are involved in affiliate marketing or have joined a network marketing program that provides you with a free website: more traffic then more money.

So what are the best ways to get traffic to your site? There are many ways to do it, but some are more effective than others, and these are what you should start with. Once you have several hundred new prospects visiting your website every day, then you can start to work on the methods that are less effective, but that you have to work on nevertheless.

The art of Internet marketing is to gather the low hanging fruit first, and then climb higher and higher up the tree until you have collected every possible ounce of traffic that you can. Many beginners stick to the easy ways, but those with most success don't stop at that. However, let's look at one of these easy ways that will provide your new online business with a kick start - there is nothing better for your confidence than a few early sales that provide you with the cash to expand your business to a higher level.

Article marketing is by far the best way of getting quick traffic to your site. Natural traffic through search engines such as Google and Yahoo is great, but you have just started your online business and it will take some time before your website is listed, and even then it will likely only be your Home Page that is listed - internal pages take much longer.

What you have to do is to write articles on the subject of your niche or the product you are selling. If your site is about dogs, then perhaps you could write 500 words about dog training, or if you are selling weight loss products you could write about the most sensible diets. The objective is to submit the article to article directories, and most demand at least 500 words for publication. You are not permitted to advertise your site or your products in the body of your article, but at the end of the article you are allowed to provide what is known as an "author's resource".

Some article directories provide a box in which you can provide this, and in others you simply add it to the end of your article. In the "resource" you can say a bit about you and your credentials: why readers should believe what you say, and also a link to your website. This link is where article marketing can be so powerful. You should provide a link to a page on your website that is directly related to the topic of your article.

If you are writing about slimming for your daughter's wedding the URL you provide in the resource should lead the reader specifically to a page explaining how they can slim quickly in a few weeks, and lose weight in the places that will make them look at their best for their daughter's wedding.

The reader gets what they want, and if your article is good enough, they will possibly click on the link you provide them with for more information. That could either be a sales page or a squeeze page designed to collect their name and email address, although article marketing works best if you give more information on your web page, and then hit them with the sales URL or opt-in form.

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