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Seven Tips on How to Write Web Copy That Sells

Even if you have the fanciest website that attracts a ton of traffic it still doesn’t guarantee you will generate sales. Websites generate sales based on the content used on the webpages. If you Web copy doesn’t attract the attention of your visitors it won’t motivate them to purchase your product or service. Many webmasters make the mistake of creating generic content that sounds very boring then wonder why they aren’t making any sales.

Here are seven tips on how to write web copy that sells:

1. Know the goal of your website

Before you even begin writing the first word think about your intended goal. Is it to sell a particular product or to generate leads? All your content should be written based upon getting your reader to take action.

2. Create attention grabbing headlines

Your main headline is the first words your visitors will read. If it doesn’t immediately capture their attention they will not continue reading the rest of the web copy and leave for your competitors’ sites. Use headlines and sub headlines to emphasize the main points you want to make. Website visitors tend to scan rather than read the content so your headlines and sub headlines will be what first captures their attention.

3. Emphasize the benefits

When writing web copy you always have to think from your visitor’s viewpoint because they are asking themselves “what’s in it for me?” Create a list of your most important benefits than weave them into your content. This is especially important for your home page copy because this is where most visitors enter your website.

4. Use a conversational tone

Boring content will only drive your visitors away. Write as if you having a conversation with a friend over a cup of coffee. This will make your visitors feel at ease and want to do business with you. Make sure the transition between your headlines and paragraphs is smooth so your content is easy to read. Avoid using complicated words or sentences that your visitors may not understand. Write as if a fifth grader is reading your material.

5. Weave keywords into your content

Search engines find your content based upon the keywords people enter into the search box therefore include your keywords and keyword phrases in your headlines, sub headlines and main content. Make sure you don’t over do this otherwise the search engines may penalize your website for keyword stuffing and lower your rankings.

6. Optimize your title and description meta-tags

The title meta-tag is the most important. It’s what you see at the top of your browser window when you visit a website. Search engines use this tag to rank your site. Place your most important keyword at the beginning followed by rest of your title.

The description meta tag is the description of your web page that visitors will see displayed in the search engines based on the keyword they entered. The words you use will determine whether a visitor will click through to your website so include your most important benefit.

7. Create a clear call to action

Don’t leave your visitor hanging at the end of your content. The purpose of your content is to pre-sell the product or service to your visitor so give them a clear call to action. For instance you could create an attractive button that says “buy now” or create hyperlinked text that says “click here to subscribe.”

My final tip is to make sure you proof read your content. Sometimes one spelling mistake will prevent your visitor from reading the rest of your content. I usually let the content sit for a few hours then come back to it later so I can review it with a fresh mind. Alternatively get someone else to proof read it as they will have a more objective view.

Review these 7 tips next time you sit down to write your web copy. It will help you generate more sales and⁄or subscribers.

Herman Drost is a Certified Web Site Designer, owner and author of www.isitebuild.com Learn how to write and submit articles to generate and convert traffic into sales Visit: Article Marketing Strategies

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