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Computer Anatomy

From Desktop to Laptop and handheld mobile device, computers are everywhere. With computers, cars can travel to most any destination without a driver behind the steering wheel. Soon your refrigerator will be communicating with your oven to have dinner ready when you come home. This is a computer-controlled world, they're everywhere and they're just getting more powerful and more prolific. If you don't understand the basic specifications and terminology of the computer world, you are considered illiterate. That's where this book comes in. I assume that you are an intelligent person who has just been too busy with other things, like living life, to keep up on the latest computer terminology, In this book I'm putting it in simple terms. If there is anything in this book that I didn't explain clearly and simply, I'll thank you to contact me and inform me of my mistake. I will honestly appreciate your informing me of anything I didn't make clear enough, so that I can correct that mistake and update this book.

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