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Realistic Looking Flameless LED Candles

Flameless LED Candles

I really enjoy sitting and sipping my morning coffee while watching the warm flickering glow of candles. Unfortunately, scientists recently found that candles emit toxic chemicals as they burn. You also have to worry about small children or starting a fire with candles. The solution; these flameless LED candles. I put these in my fireplace instead of a real fire.

These candles are VERY realistic looking, and they even flicker like a real flame. Each candle needs 3 AAA batteries, but they have battery life of 200 hours each candle. You get two sets of 3, 4, and 6 inch x 3 inch diameter candles made of real unscented wax for only $25. With a cost of only four bucks apiece, these make great gifts for your friends and coworkers. Click here for more information.

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