Bucaro TecHelp Newsletter has been discontinued, but you can still learn about what's new on Bucaro TecHelp by clicking on the News Feed link in the header of this Web site. You can subscribe to the News Feed using an RSS reader application, an online RSS reader, a News Feed Notification service, or even in your Web browser.
Welcome to Bucaro TecHelp!

Welcome to Bucaro TecHelp!
Maintain Your Computer and Use it More Effectively
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Bucaro TecHelp Newsletter

Bucaro TecHelp Newsletter has been discontinued, but you can still learn about what's new on Bucaro TecHelp by clicking on the News Feed link in the header of this Web site.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS is a document in a standardized XML format that Webmasters and Bloggers use to inform Internet users that they have added some new content. An RSS file is sometimes called a "feed" or "channel".

Internet users can subscribe to RSS feeds using RSS reader applications, Websites called "Aggrigators", or even in their Web browser. Fastladder is a free web-based RSS feed reader.

To sign up for an account at Fastladder, click on the big blue [Sign up ⁄ Create your account] button. On the sign up page, you'll need to make up a User ID which must start with a letter. Then enter your email address and a password. Fastladder will send a confirmation message to your email.

After clicking on the link in the confirmation message, return to Fastladder and on the initial settings page, you don't need OPML or browser button, just click on the [Start Fastladder] button.

On the feeds page, in the left column, click on the Add link to open a message box where you can enter the feed URL. To subscribe to bucarotechelp.com main feed, enter:


Then click on the [Next] button.

After it finds the feed click on the Add link, then on the close link. The title of the feed will appear in the left panel. To view the feed items, click on the older > link at the bottom of the right panel.

Then visit Fastladder frequently to check the Bucaro TecHelp RSS feed.

Not everything new on bucarotechelp.com is posted in the main feed. For information about the many other feeds on bucarotechelp.com, click here: News Feeds

For subscribers who want to be notified by email when new contents been added to the Bucaro TecHelp Website, click here to subscribe to the Bucaro TecHelp News Feed Notification. This service, provided by FeedBlitz, will send you an email message when a new item is added to the Bucaro TecHelp News Feed.

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