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Online Receipt Maker

Need to make a quick receipt but don't have your receipt book or computer receipt maker handy. This easy to use online receipt maker is for you. If this is your first time using this app, scroll to bottom for instructions.

Item No. Description Quantity Each Total
Click in Total box to add shipping Shipping:
Tax Rate %: Sales Tax:

Date: Notes:


City: Zip Code:
Phone: Email:


City: Zip Code:
Phone: Email:


1. To add an item line to the receipt, click on the [Add Line] button.

2. Enter Item No., Description, Quantity, and Each (price per each) in the boxes. Do not enter $ signs. Do not enter qty units. Click in the Total box to get the total for the line.

3. If you need to remove an item line, click on the [Remove Line] button. Only the last line can be removed.

4. Enter the charge for shipping (if any) in the Shipping box. Then click in Total box to update.

5. Enter the sales tax rate and click in the Sales Tax box to calculate the sales tax.

6. Enter other information in the proper boxes as desired.

7. To print your Receipt click here: . A menu and ad free popup window will appear with a [Print] button at the bottom. Of course if you have popups blocked you can't do that.

8. To save your Receipt click here: . Your system's save As... dialog box will appear. The document will be in HTML format (.htm file extension) which you can open in your browser.

Note: No information from this application is sent to the server, saved, shared, or used in any way. Everything is performed locally on your computer.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact me using the Contact form on this site. Thank you.

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