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Use chkdsk to Find and Repair Disk Errors in Windows 7
If your computer takes a long time to start, and occasionally locks up or crashes, Check Disk is a command line program that can perform an analysis of the disk and repair any errors it finds. More ...

50 Legitimate Work From Home Businesses You Can Start Easily
Starting a business from home can be a bit confusing given all the different possible business ventures available. There are a lot of ideas for business from home nowadays. Here are 50 legitimate work from home ideas. More ...

The Entity-Relationship Model
After you have a data model that meets the organizations business requirements, the easiest way to transform that model into a relational database is to first transform that model into an entity-relationship model. More ...

A microcontroller is an IC that contains a microprocessor as well as RAM, ROM and general I/O ports. Engineers design microcontrollers into specific-purpose devices such as microwave ovens, cars, washing machines, refridgerators, and even space probes. More ...

Eight Tips for the Newbie Web Designer
This article is targeted at designers just entering the field. These suggestions shine light on some potential problems a new designer might not think of. More ...

JavaScript Code for Binary to Hexadecimal - Hexadecimal to Binary Conversion
You don't really need JavaScript to convert a binary number to a hexadecimal number, however if you want to create a web application the JavaScript code to convert a binary number to hexadecimal number and to convert a hexadecimal number to a binary number is shown below. More ...

How To Start A Home Based Referral Service Business
If you're looking for a profitable home based business, then starting a referral service is a great option! Referral services can be operated on a part-time or full time basis, they don't require a lot of start-up capital or overhead. More ...

How to Write Effective Sales Copy
Writing sales copy is not like any other writing, there are a few basic principles that must be understood to write effective sales copy. I explain those principles here. More ...

How to Write Your Author BIO
A book without an author's BIO is missing a critical component. But some authors find it difficult to write their BIO. Follow the steps listed above to make the process much easier. More ...

Dealing With Stress at Work
You can't totally avoid stress. Stress is a normal part of life and work, but too much stress can actually cause health problems. Here's how to deal with too much stress at work. More ...

Introduction to Boolean Algebra
Boolean algebra is a system of mathematics in which the values of the variables can take on only one of two values, either 0 or 1. Similar to regular algebra, Boolean algebra can be used to simplify a mathematical expression. Since computer logic is also a system in which the values of the inputs and outputs can take on only one of two values, Boolean algebra can be used to simplify logic circuits. More ...

How to Use the Open Source Intrusion Detection System SNORT
In terms of raw power and features, SNORT, the most commonly used Open Source Intrusion Detection System, (IDS) has begun to eclipse many expensive proprietary IDSes. In terms of documentation or ease of use, however, SNORT can seem overwhelming. More ...

Binary Number Subtraction Calculator
This online binary subtraction calculator not only provides the result, but also displays the complement and 2's complement of the subtrahend. More ...

Introduction to HTML5 Canvas
The canvas element is a webpage container for graphics. You can use JavaScript to draw graphics within the canvas element. Learn how to draw lines, rectangles, circles, and curves, code included. More ...

JavaScript Code to Save and Load a Table Using HTML5 Web Storage
HTML5 brings us web storage, providing methods to store keyword/value data pairs in the user's browser. This example gives you JavaScript Code to allow user's to save and load a table using Web Storage. More ...

Test Your Webpage's Load Speed
Most mobile web users will wait only 6-10 seconds before they abandon a webpage. Fortunately there are several free websites that will not only measure the load time of your webpage, but also analyze it and recommend improvements. More ...

Introduction to Microprocessor Programming
Assembly language involves using instructions that are mnemonics called opcodes, along with values and/or addresses in hexadecimal notation. To make learning as easy as possible, we'll first learn how to program a simple microprocessor, the 6502. More ...

Virtual Memory and Memory Paging
In the early days of computers, memory chips were small capacity, scarce, and expensive. Because of this a memory management scheme called paging was invented. More ...

Easy Code to Add Google Site Search to Your Website
Some authors will tell you that you need to have an account with Google in order to create a Google Site Search box. This is entirely untrue. This artilce provides the code for Google site search, just paste this code into the desired location on your website. More ...

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