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How To Create a Hot Internet Product
You want your Internet product to grow into a collection of products serving selected niches and an email list with thousands of satisfied customers. Then you will reap the rich reward of personal financial freedom. More ...

How to Write Your Author BIO
A book without an author's BIO is missing a critical component. But some authors find it difficult to write their BIO. Follow the steps listed above to make the process much easier. More ...

Comparing Different Cloud Architecture Types
Most people are familiar with the concept of a cloud-based data center that rents out computing power to businesses. There are, however, a number of possible cloud types that may be the right choice for a company. More ...

How to Write Effective Sales Copy
Writing sales copy is not like any other writing, there are a few basic principles that must be understood to write effective sales copy. I explain those principles here. More ...

Understanding Windows 7 Security Center
Windows Security Center is a security tool that allows you to monitor the status of computer security settings and services. It also constantly monitors security settings, and informs via a pop-up notification if there is something wrong. In Windows 7 Microsoft renamed it as Action Center. More ...

Introduction to Microprocessor Programming
Assembly language involves using instructions that are mnemonics called opcodes, along with values and/or addresses in hexadecimal notation. To make learning as easy as possible, we'll first learn how to program a simple microprocessor, the 6502. More ...

How to Resolve Windows 7 BOOTMGR Missing Error
BOOTMGR is missing error occurs when Windows is corrupted Windows or it is trying to boot from a wrongly configured or improperly connected hard drive. More ...

Debugging JavaScript : Coercions
JavaScript is not a tightly typed language. Sometimes this comes in handy, but other times it can cause problems. More ...

Introduction to the Raspberry Pi
The Raspberry Pi is a tiny bare-bones computer motherboard. You can easily make it into a Linux PC by connecting your own keyboard, mouse, and display. More ...

How to Start Affiliate Marketing Business Online
To start an affiliate marketing business online doesn't require an investment in order to start making money. Nearly all the affiliate networks are free to join online no matter where you are in the world. More ...

The Entity-Relationship Model
After you have a data model that meets the organizations business requirements, the easiest way to transform that model into a relational database is to first transform that model into an entity-relationship model. More ...

How to Tell if Someone is Lurking on Your Wireless Network
Have you ever wondered if someone else is on your wireless network, with out your knowledge, watching every site you visit or stealing account information? More ...

Introduction to HTML5 Canvas
The canvas element is a webpage container for graphics. You can use JavaScript to draw graphics within the canvas element. Learn how to draw lines, rectangles, circles, and curves, code included. More ...

What You Need to Know to Become an Information Security Analyst
Information security analysts analyze threats and vulnerabilities that are associated with computer networks. Salaries for information security specialists range from $89,000.00 to more than $121,000.00. More ...

Five Ways to Enhance Your Website User Experience
Never put before flashy visuals and fancy design before functionality. In order for a website to succeed it needs to have great content and an easily accessible design that people will find familiar. More ...

Linux Server Hardening
For today's computing platforms, ease of access and openness is essential for web based communications. This is at odds with the increased necessity for comprehensive security measures in a world full of malware and hacking threats. More ...

Dealing With Stress at Work
You can't totally avoid stress. Stress is a normal part of life and work, but too much stress can actually cause health problems. Here's how to deal with too much stress at work. More ...

How Computer Memory Works
Every program being executed and every piece of data being manipulated must be copied from a storage device, such as a magnetic disk, into main memory. It's important to understand the basic types of memory. More ...

How to Get More Reviews for Your Kindle eBook
One of the most important thing contributing to sales of a Kindle eBook is reviews. If an eBook has a large number of reviews, even if some of the reviews are bad, people assume the eBook is worth reading. More ...

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