How to Become a Male Stripper

Male strippers make their living embodying the fantasies of their customers. The job takes more than big muscles, and you should only try it if you enjoy being on stage in front of others. A successful stripper exercises regularly and maintains a charismatic persona. You also have to buy a costume and assemble a dance routine. Opportunities for stripping can be found by speaking to agencies, other strippers, and potential clients. By working hard and being open, you can become a successful stripper.

Honing Your Body and Personality

Improve your social skills

As a performer, you will have to work half-naked in large and rowdy crowds. You also need to engage your customers one-on-one. Spend some time talking to strangers. Practice until you feel completely open about yourself. You need to be able to look anyone in the eye with a smile.

The goal is to make customers feel special. Make conversations focus on the person you're speaking to rather than yourself.

Work your body into shape

Strippers help people visualize their fantasies, so you need to look your best. Muscle mass is important. You don't need to look like the Incredible Hulk, but you'll need muscles and defined abs. Visit a gym and start lifting weights two or three times a week. When you aren't in the gym, keep active with other activities, such as running or swimming.

Customers have varying tastes, so men with different body types can find work stripping.

Eat healthy food to lose body fat

Minimize your body fat by putting down the bag of chips. Substitute fats, sugars, and salt for fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Increase your intake of lean protein. Chicken and fish are great options, as are lean cuts of beef, eggs, and almonds. Get whey protein powder and mix it into water for a snack.

Take dance lessons

A successful performance includes smooth, appealing body movements. Seek out dance classes in your area so you can learn. Male burlesque or erotic dance classes will teach you a lot. Hip hop dance moves also show up in many stripper routines, so classes teaching them may be an option as well.

These kinds of dance classes also serve as social exposure. Use it to get a sense of whether or not becoming a stripper is right for you.

Come up with a stage name

Your stage name should be shorthand for your stripper persona. It'll be used to introduce you, so it should communicate what sort of experience people can expect. Many well-known strippers go by their actual names. This makes them identifiable, but a stage name can often do this while sounding more better. Choose a name that sounds alluring and exciting.

For example, John Smith doesn't stand out. You can switch to a name like "Andre Knife" or "Damian Chase."

Creating Your Dance Routine

Get a quality portable speaker. Playing dance music on your phone won't help your routine. Most clients won't have sound systems for you to borrow. Look for Bluetooth speakers. Good ones provide better sound quality, but also produce volume. The music has to be loud enough so you can hear it over your clients. Check online for reviews before committing to a speaker.

When you work in a stage performance, you won't have to provide a sound system. However, many strippers get work by traveling to private parties, so it helps to have a portable speaker.

Bluetooth speakers can play songs you store on your phone. You may burn CDs and play these on regular speakers.

Choose songs that pull your routine's theme together

The songs should match the outfit you chose. A good song selection will make your routine feel cohesive. If your customers know these songs and can sing along to them, your dance will seem even better. The best songs are also ones that you enjoy dancing to, since that makes your performance more authentic.

For example, a fireman routine could use songs like "Disco Inferno" or "Hot In Herre."

Customize the songs into a mix

Get a song mixing program. There are free options, such as Audacity or the GarageBand application. These allow you to cut up the songs and assemble them into a whole. Playing every song in its entirety doesn't work well. Instead, cut out the best parts and place them together so they flow well.

You can also add sound effects to your songs. Go ahead and add a police siren or fire truck horn if it works well in your routine. These sounds can be found online.

It's best to keep the music simple. It should not draw attention away from you.

Watch male stripper performances for dance move ideas

Going out to see professional male strippers dance is the best research possible. Note what moves engage the crowd. You can also look online for recorded performances. Search for videos of male strippers. Videos that teach burlesque or hip-hop dances may also come in handy.

Plan out your routine

Stripping is a performance, so looking appealing won't make you good on stage. You don't have to plan out every step of your dance, but you should have some ideas for flashy moves. Pick some engaging, entertaining moves and place them at certain spots during the songs.

For example, take off your jacket when the bass drops on the first song. When the second song begins, take off your shirt.

Practice your dancing

Work on your routine every chance you get. Memorize the music so you never get lost during a performance. Focus on making your movements effortless while keeping your face oriented towards the audience. Remember to meet the eyes of audience members and smile so they feel special.

Practicing can be tough. Start out with people you trust, such as a significant other, a dance class, or a small group of friends.

Finding a Job

Get professional photos taken. Headshots are as beneficial for strippers as they are for actors. Full-body shots are also necessary for this business. Agencies will use these to advertise you. They must not look cheap. Let a professional take them. Don't use lots of makeup or gimmicks. Smile and focus on the camera so your eyes look lively.

You should not bring your costume. In stripping, you will wear a lot of costumes, so using one now is limiting.

Get both black and white and color photos. Then have the company duplicate them.

Contact legitimate agencies in your area

A good agency is vital for getting your name out there. There are many reputable agencies, but also some bad ones. Search online for information before calling or emailing a company. Check to make sure they're a registered Ltd or PLC company with liability insurance. Also ensure that they have good reviews from clients and performers.

Work for a company that put on regular shows like Dreamboys, this guarantees you weekly work.
Stay away from companies that charge you to put up your photo or say you can't work for other agencies.
Companies that seem to advertise dozens of male strippers are also bad business. Chances are they won't have enough work to spread around.

Contact revue shows for opportunities

Search out establishments that offer male stage performances. Tell the show organizer that you're interested in joining them. They can guide you in the right direction. Many times they'll let you into shows for free and let you watch. Sometimes they'll give you an audition.

Topless waiters work important jobs in many shows. Most likely, you will start as a waiter until you learn how to perform.

Speak to strippers in person

Go out to the shows to see how they work. Speak to other performers. They'll be happy to guide you in the right direction and give you tips on how to improve. They might also be able to set up interviews with their organization or with venue owners.

Making friends with the other strippers will help you. They can guide you to performing opportunities that they can't do themselves.

Show up for bookings

In the beginning, work will be hard to find. You will have to perform as a topless waiter or pick up work on short notice. If you want to get in the business, you need to show up to these events. Don't cancel at the last minute. A company that trusts you will give you more work. Losing that trust can be the difference between success or falling out of the industry.

Dealing with Clients

Socialize with your clients

During performances, smile and look your clients in the eye. Show warmth and confidence. When you are not performing, talk to them. Keep the focus on them by asking questions like, "Tell me something interesting about yourself." Making the client feel special makes your performance a success. They'll pay to see you and recommend you to others.

Treat all customers with respect

As a stripper, you'll deal with a varying clientele. Depending on your situation, you may work for men or women. Client ages and behaviors will vary. Remember that your role as a performer is to please your customers. Maintain your charisma and smile as much as you can. Be courteous so the customers stay interested in your performance.

Treating a customer poorly breaks the illusion of connection they have with you as a performer. You'll lose their business and might begin to develop a bad reputation.

Go where your clients go after work

As a stripper, you are essentially a salesman. You must do what it takes to bring people to your show or get them to buy your services. It can be helpful to spend time where you know your clients will be. Relax and spend time utilizing your social skills. When someone asks you what you do for a living, tell them and invite them.

Strip clubs are always a good locations for advertising, especially if you work there.
Different types of people frequent different venues. For example, if you want to perform for affluent, middle-aged women, try spending time at a wine bar.

Ignore people who aren't interested

You can't please everybody. Customers have different desires in a stripper or show. Stay aware of which customers are enjoying your show. Disinterested customers won't look excited. They may be distracted on a phone or not smile at you when you interact with them. It's better for you to attend to the people who enjoy your performance, since these are the ones that will pay you

Avoid romantic relationships with clients

These types of romantic relationships aren't always bad, but it's easy to go overboard. In a charged atmosphere, you'll get plenty of customers who want more. These relationships can ruin the illusion of connection between stripper and customer. Remember that this is a job. Treat the clients well, but don't take advantage of them.


If you have a significant other, make sure they don't mind you stripping.

Build up a wardrobe with a variety of outfits. This helps for private shows.

Being a good stripper requires hard work. You have to spend a lot of time keeping your body in shape and mastering dance routines.

You will have customers that grab you inappropriately. Laugh this off without turning it into a confrontation. Immediately stop anything that feels uncomfortable.


Be careful of your surroundings. Traveling to locations can be dangerous. Leaving a club with tip money can also be dangerous.

Be aware of the law. Some jurisdictions have strict rules regarding nudity and touching in strip clubs.

Consider having a phone number or email that is tied to your stripper name and used only for stripping gigs. Giving out your personal information to too many clients could hurt you later.

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