How To Start Your Career As An Air Traffic Controller by Tauqeer Ul Hassan

Air traffic controller is one of the toughest jobs, as it required your full commitment and attention. Being an traffic controller requires a lot of responsibility from you, as you're responsible for the people's safety. In this regard, this job is quite tough, stressful and a challenging job. Air traffic keeps you busy on the busy airports and you need to be attentive, as there is no margin for error in this job. Although, air traffic controller faces a hard time on duty, they paid well for their hard work. You just need to keep working hard to reach to higher ranks to get healthy emoluments.

This job has a number of requirements, which you need to fulfill before applying for this job. traffic controller's work under FAA, a government organization. Therefore, the first thing is, you must be a citizen of United States. The second requirement is you must be under thirty-one years of age. It doesn't mean that old people are not skilled enough to join this job, instead FAA prefers young people, who are energetic and have less reaction times and can respond quickly to emergency situations. Other things include in selection criteria is your complete medical exam, which include drug test etc and your background will also be checked for security purposes.

If you want to become an traffic controller, you need to have similar work experience or a college degree. If you don't have a degree or work experience, don't expect to be hired. If you have the required degree of work experience, make yourself ready for the training. You can join different FAA approved community colleges or local airports' flight schools for the preparation of AT-SAT (Air Traffic Selection and Training). This is the independent training and this will enable you to gather useful information to pass the pre employment exam.

Once you believe that you have learnt enough about the air traffic control and have all the vital information with you, you can proceed to take the pre-employment exam. You need to secure at least 70 percent marks or more in the test to qualify for next step. Passing this exam means you are now ready to apply for the air traffic controller job. There are no limited attempts to pass the exams; you can take the exams until you succeed.

After you have cleared all the initial screenings and exams, you are now ready to apply for the job. You may have to submit application for the job or just simply drop your resume at the HR department of the airport. The concerned authorities and the FAA will collect your resume from there for further consideration. The concerned department will contact you if you are shortlisted and the remaining formalities will be fulfilled like any other job.

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