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Skills for a Career in 3D Animation

The 3D animation is the present day cutting edge graphical presentation that is accomplished through computer software and digital generators. This modern day graphical tool is now the norm in motion pictures, video presentation formats, animated films, commercial advertisements, virtual walk through and web presentations and stuffs. We are now witnessing 3D graphic animation in various forms which include 3D presentations, audio visual illustrations, 3D scientific and medical graphics and a lot of other day-to-day applications.

In order to understand the underlying principle behind 3D graphics and animation, it is important that we clearly know its basic distinction from the traditional 2D animation. The 3D graphic application has the representation of geometric variables which are contained in the computer in performing the calculations that will render the 2D generated graphics.

LightWave 3D
LightWave 3D is the powerful animation-production package used by most professionals.

The rendered graphics in 2D format are used for the virtual and real time illustrations in 3D graphic illustrations. The 3D graphic illustrations show images at various angles including an aerial shoot to create a near perfect illustration that is almost real in every aspect. This feature is referred to as motion tracking, which provides the virtual representation of the actual camera motion tracking representing the actual camera motion shoot.

The 3D graphics comes from a basic idea or concept. The concept then evolves with the required details and elements of a design and flow of the graphics in the form of storyboards. The theme and character development comprise the preliminary work done by animators based on an established design and plan. The preparation of the storyboard allows for the generation of key frames to complete the flow of motion as shown in the storyboard.

The elements or characters in 3D graphic are referred to as 3D models. These are basically data files that carry the data that are needed to render 3D images. On the other, the process of key-framing in 3D graphics involves the assigning of appropriate values to the variables at the exact points in the motion flow of graphics in a series of frames to create the desired animated sequence.

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