Becoming a Furniture Mover by Lora Davis

There are is a few criteria that you must meet before you can become a furniture mover. These criteria will allow you to perform the job. Usually there are no specific educational requirements but you must be able to read and write. You must be strong and physically fit and need a driver's license that is valid.

A furniture mover may work for a store that delivers furniture or for a moving company. When applying for a job many companies will require that you pass a physical exam in order to become a furniture mover. Working as a furniture mover you will be lifting heavy items and carrying large items of furniture through cramped spaces and up and down stairs.

In addition to the criteria, there are certain attributes you will need.

Good communication skills so you can deal with customers effectively along with other employees
Be courteous to customers as they can be demanding at time
Be trustworthy so you will be allowed into customer's home and if working with a moving company you need to be trustworthy so you do not steal anything of value from the customers you are moving.
Be bondable and insured to be an insurable driver of the company vehicle
Clean, respectable appearance as you are representing the company the customer is dealing with.
Not have an over abundance of piercings or tattoos that could be considered excessive, controversial, or offensive to the customer.
Have the ability to read street signs and find addresses
May be required to drive a stick shift so it would be helpful if you can do this
Work well as a team member as most work as a team of two in order to do the job safely
Know how to fill out paperwork and keep records of items delivered.

Once you have submitted your application to be a furniture mover for a company you will normally be required to pass a physical exam. To get the open position you may have to pass a drug test and criminal background check. You may also be subjected to random drug tests. If you are hired it could be part-time or full-time work. When working for a moving company, if you have to move a customer out of state you may be required to stay overnight and returning the next morning.

If you are hired by a moving company, you will need to know how to drive a semi-truck. The company may hire you even if you do not know how to drive a semi-truck and pay for your training. Working for a moving company, you may drive out of state or even across country.

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