How to Draw Fashion Illustrations

Draw Fashion Illustration

If you like to draw, and you like to design clothing, you may be a prime candidate for a career in fashion design. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the median annual wage for fashion designers is $62,860. About 25 percent of fashion designers are self-employed. They design high-fashion garments and one-of-a-kind apparel on an individualized or custom basis. Some self-employed fashion designers have set up their own independent clothing lines, a clothing line that bears their name.

Draw Fashion Illustration Step 1

Make a body template to draw on. If you will be drawing a lot of clothes, you won't want to draw the body every time - just the clothes. But drawing clothes without the body sometimes results in incorrectly proportioned results.

Draw Fashion Illustration Step 2

Draw a body. If you doubt your ability, simply trace one from a book or magazine or ask a skilled friend to do it for you. Make it the right kind of body - if you'll be sketching kids' clothes, draw a kid's body. More advanced fashion designers can draw the same body from different angles. If you want to draw a figure at an angle, make note that some parts of their body will automatically become bigger or smaller, and the head or torso may be slanted, so the clothing on the figure may also be slanted to give the 3D or live effect.

Draw Fashion Illustration Step 3

Scan your body drawing. If you have computer skills, put it in Photoshop or other similar application and make it so that there are 4-8 of the body on the page. Print a few sheets out. If you aren't a computer whiz, just photocopy the body.

Draw Fashion Illustration Step 4

Draw! Assuming you have ideas, this is the fun part. If not, you can start by drawing clothes you want, things you've seen that you liked, or how you would modify your own clothes if you could.

Draw Fashion Illustration Step 5

Erase any construction lines, darken the lines you want visible, and add color.

Draw Fashion Illustration Step 6

If you like to sew, make your favorite designs into actual cloths.

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