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How to Become a Cisco Administrator

Wondering how to become a Cisco administrator? You could be on your way to a great career with excellent pay and outlook. You will have career options all over the world in companies of all sizes, government agencies and nonprofits, as well as freelance work if that is what you prefer. Cisco administrators specialize in building, maintaining, troubleshooting and providing technical support for Cisco networks. The educational path will be tough, and the work will be challenging, but if you have a knack for computer engineering and a good head on your shoulders you could be working as a Cisco administrator before you know it.

The first thing you must do to become a Cisco administrator is to get a degree in computer science or information technology. Most employers will require a bachelor's degree, although some administrators only have an associate's degree. You should also complete all the necessary Cisco certifications - the more certifications you have the better. Cisco Certified Network Associates will be the most attractive job applicants. It would also be a good idea to get as much experience as you can in the areas of technical support and general information technology while you're in school. An internship would be a great idea.

During your schooling you will learn about networking concepts, infrastructure and technologies. You will master the hardware installation as well as Windows client and server operating systems. The job will require more than just education and certifications, though. You will need to have communication skills, interpersonal capabilities and the ability to work within a larger team. Analytical skills will also help you successfully identify, troubleshoot and solve problems within the network.

As a Cisco administrator your job outlook will be very good. In fact, the number of jobs in this field is anticipated to increase by as much as 53 percent by 2016 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There are jobs in small companies, large corporations, government offices and nonprofit organizations. And with an average salary of $84,000, the pay is great. So, why not get started-contact a computer school for more information today.

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