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A Career in HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration)

The Importance of the HVACR Industry

Proper air conditioning and heating keeps people at offices and homes, fresh and comfortable. Electronic and computer manufacturers need to work and preserve their products in cool, clean and dry air. In the medical industry, hospitals, daycare centers and community centers rely on HVACR equipment to maintain comfortable temperatures and good air quality.

Laboratories for scientific research, the pharmaceutical industry and food preparation and preservation companies need HVACR equipment to make sure that their products remain pure and safe. Important environmental issues such as maintaining the oxygen quantity and protecting the ozone layer through proper refrigerant handling are taken care of by the HVACR industry.

HVACR personnel are problem-solvers and technical experts, who contribute in making the installed equipment work better, with more efficiency at a low cost.

Why the HVACR Industry

Today, most indoor activities depend on the HVACR industry. This industry is expected to produce thousands of new jobs in the next few decades as the markets for these products expand. The HVACR industry also offers variety, job security, respect, upward mobility, great salary, life long employment and opportunity.

HVACR professionals can use their skills anywhere in the world. HVACR is a high technology industry with constant innovations that contribute to making the equipment work better and more efficiently.

Jobs in HVACR

Contractors and Business Owners Candidates need to have technical and entrepreneurial skills to communicate and evaluate the needs of customers and find proper technical solutions of problems.

Technicians Technicians need to carry out the installation and maintenance of HVACR equipment.

Designers Designers use computer-aided designs or CAD techniques and technical knowledge to blueprint HVACR systems.

Pipe-fitters Pipe fitters work on large industrial piping systems that carry steam, gases and chemicals moving out of HVACR equipment and carry out heating or refrigeration.

Sales and Marketing The Sales and Marketing Team sell and market HVACR systems to businesses and homeowners.

Engineers Engineers help in building and maintaining HVACR products.

Research and Development The Research and Development Team work on constantly improving heating and cooling equipment.

Inspectors Inspectors ensure that the standards and regulations of equipment construction are adhered to.

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