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Market Yourself as a Paralegal

What does it mean to make yourself marketable or sellable? Does it require that you quit your job, completely change careers or go back to school. Perhaps, but for this article it simply means making the most of your skills and abilities and continually looking for ways to improve.

Whether you just graduated or you've been a paralegal for many years, learning to market yourself is an essential skill in maximizing your potential. Both financially and in the opportunities that come your way.

If you are a seasoned paralegal you may want to sharpen your management skills, make the most of your client interviews or change your area of law. The most convenient and least expensive way to start your research is to go online. Reading articles on career and paralegal websites, like Total Paralegal is a great way to get ideas.

As you get into your online research you'll find a multitude of resources. You will also realize that there are many others searching for the same information and the same answers as you.

If you realize through your research that you may need or want to take a class or two to strengthen your skill-set to better position yourself for advancement but you simply don't have the time to travel to a physical classroom. No problem, because in today's online world, taking an online course is not only practical but very smart.

The internet is also a great place to find other ways of getting to where you want to be, such as seminars and discussions for today's paralegal professional.

Take baby steps while you're working the daily grind. If you try to do to much you run the risk of driving yourself into the ground. And remember, it's imperative that you are proactive in reconstructing your assignments and informing your supervisors of your interests, skills and extra effort.

Let's face it, our supervisors are involved with their own deadlines, their own court appearances and their own business worries. As a result, they don't always notice extra effort because they've come to expect it. On the other hand, they always seem to notice our less than perfect work. Don't fret, stop mumbling under your breath, complaining to your family and co-workers, simply let your boss know about your extra effort. In other words, "toot your own horn".

If you are a recent graduate marketing yourself means making the most of your school experience. Use your professors, counselors and fellow paralegals to create an effective job search. Keep in touch with everyone because you never know if you'll be working with or for them sometime down the road.

Inform everyone you know that you are actively seeking a "full-time paralegal position in a large firm in... the city of your choice" or a "part-time paralegal position in a small firm close to home."

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