How to Become an IT Technician By Nick Shepherd

An IT technician, also known as an information technology technician, performs a wide variety of tasks that deal with operating and maintaining computers and communication systems. Job duties revolve around installing and maintaining hardware, software, networks, and workstations. IT techs are also responsible for troubleshooting and resolving any problems associated with the computers and systems they are tasked with maintaining, in a timely manner.

Job Description

IT technicians perform many important functions, which vary greatly depending on the employer's needs and the technician's level of experience and education. A list of the most common tasks a technician will perform on the job are as follows: setting up and installing hardware and software, ensuring network security, training and advising staff on how to utilize workplace technology, programming and configuring of electronics, troubleshooting and fixing problems with software, repairing hardware, maintaining a detailed inventory of computer systems, and determining the company's need for new or revised hardware or software.

Education and Training

IT techs need to have advanced knowledge and training in all aspects of computer usage. Those who want to work in this profession can pursue an associate's degree or bachelor's degree in information systems or computer technology. These degree programs are offered at community colleges, technical schools and universities.

Although having an associate's degree or bachelor's is preferred by employers and can earn an individual a higher wage, it is possible to land an entry-level job with an A+ certificate. An A+ certification is widely accepted as proof of one's proficiency with computer technology. It can be obtained by passing a set of examinations, offered by CompTIA, that test for competency as a computer technician.

After gaining on-the-job knowledge and experience, an IT tech can choose to further their education by obtaining an associate's or bachelor's degree, as well as sitting for exams that will certify them to specialize in a particular field.

Salary and Career Advancement

The salary range for an IT technician varies much more than an average career due to the many types of certifications, specializations, and opportunities for advancement available. People working in this field can make anywhere from $28,000 per year for an entry-level position, to $80,000 per year for a senior technician.

An IT technician's salary depends on a variety of factors such as experience, education, and what tasks the employer needs the technician to perform. Some corporations will pay top-dollar for IT techs who possess the education and experience to perform all job duties independently with little to no oversight. The higher the level of expertise, the further an individual can advance their career, with nearly limitless possibilities and opportunities.

Every company and business in operation today, with very few exceptions, relies on computers, the internet, and information systems. IT technicians are in high demand and are essential in keeping companies up and running. The information technology field is booming. New jobs are being created every day due to technological advancements, and the need for skilled employees to keep up the pace with new hardware, software, and equipment is increasing. Becoming an IT technician offers great pay and many different ways to gain experience and advance your career.

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