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Five Unique Careers for Unique People

Okay, so you're the type of person who shudders at the thought of working behind a desk in a traditional job. You want something fun. Something different. Something unique. The trouble is, you're not sure what that is. You know what you like to do. But, you can't get paid to do something you like to do. Right? Actually, you can, if you just think a little outside the box and think creatively.

The truth is, there are interesting ways to make money and do the things you like. Think of all the dog-lovers out there who have their own dog walking and dog sitting services. They get to make money and be around their passion - dogs. (Okay, go figure, I'm a cat person.)

Here then is just a sampling of five unique careers for unique people:

1. Hypnotist.

Okay, I'm a little partial to this one as I happen to be a certified hypnotist. You can learn to hypnotize people and help them achieve their goals. Maybe you're into metaphysical things, or, you just love helping people. Maybe you have found yourself to be good at persuasion. A career as a hypnotist or hypnotherapist could be right up your alley. And, if you're a bit of an entertainer, you could also learn stage hypnosis.

How long does it take to learn how to be a hypnotist? My training at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in California took a year, which included classes on hypnosis, counseling techniques, therapeutic hypnosis techniques, and the business aspects of setting up a hypnosis practice.

You can learn how to actually hypnotize people in a weekend seminar, but, if you're planning on a career using hypnosis for pain control, motivation, weight loss, etc., then I do recommend a longer program which will prepare you to effectively use hypnosis for different issues. A school which has a mentoring or practicum is good as well. Be sure to look into any regulations or restrictions your state might have on hypnotists.

2. A Personal Concierge

Are you the type of person who loves to tend to details? Can you book the best rooms, the lowest airfares, get the best seats at all the shows? Put your talents to good as a personal concierge. While there is no formal definition of personal concierge, this profession is a booming business. Why?

Because today's fast-paced lifestyle hardly leaves hardly any room for busy professionals nowadays to sort out their bills, schedule their activities (both personal and business), or book their vacations. As a personal concierge, you might also be expected to stand in lines, organize closets and drawers and do personal gift shopping. That's right, you can actually get paid to shop till you drop.

How do you get started as a personal concierge? There are, of course, companies which may hire you, but you can always start your own personal concierge business. Start out small (stand in lines, grocery shopping, small errands) and pretty soon you can build your reputation for more challenging assignments. As long as there are busy executives, you will have business.

3. Make Scrapbooks for Other People

Is scrapbooking your thing? Make money at it by making scrapbooks for other people. A personalized scrapbook is a great gift idea for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, etc. The thing is, while scrapbooking is a popular hobby, some people just don't have the time or, let's face it, the talent to put together a great scrapbook to be given as a gift. That's where you come in. With a website or blog as a marketing tool, you can begin to acquire clients and build your business.

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