Being a Headhunter by Lora Davis

A Headhunter is a recruiter whose specialty is matching corporate clients with professionals who are highly skilled. A headhunter may work through an organization where every agent, or headhunter, specializes in a particular area of jobs and maybe even geographic areas. They can also be an independent contractor. A corporation can benefit using headhunting services in two different ways.

It will eliminate the need for the company to place an want ad for an open position
Addresses the listing of job seekers, most who will be unqualified for the open position for different reason

Being a headhunter, you would be looking for good candidates for the open position and providing the initial screening that will save the corporation time doing it themselves. For a headhunters services the company will pay them if they find the right applicant for the job. Typically, the fee is a percentage of the yearly initial salary of the employee who filled the open position.

With this type of payment arrangements, it encourages a headhunter to build tight lasting associations with corporate company. The more successful a person is at filling these open positions the more likely the corporate company will seek them out for other job opening opportunities. From this type of association, both parties and the one that is seeking employment will benefit.

Fifty percent of their job is working for those people who are seeking employment and the other fifty percent is working for the corporate company that hired them. Anyone can contact the headhunting service who is looking job openings matching their skills.

Usually they will submit a resume and then required to have an interview in person or over the phone. During the verbal interview, the headhunter will be able to get a sense for the needs, skills, and personality of the job seeker. This may include things like their willingness to work extended hours, to travel, or to relocate.

In some instances, the job seeker, when hired, will pay the headhunter's fee instead of the corporate company. Before you choose to work with a headhunting service to find jobs clarify who is going to pay for their services so there will be no surprises.

A headhunter can give the job seeker a list of employment opportunities that they may have missed if they had not utilized their services.

By using a headhunting service and having the verbal interview the headhunter can let the corporate company know if they think the applicant would fit the job opening. In addition, when having the initial interview with a prospective employer it is not a "cold interview" because the employer already knows about the job seeker and knows that they would be a good match for the open position.

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