Exploring Careers in Real Estate and Mortgage by Fei Lim

If you are looking for an exciting career that is constantly growing, you may want to consider a career in the field of real estate and mortgage. There are many great careers to choose from in this area, and they range from mortgage banking, dealing with appraisals and research, helping people sell homes and buy homes, helping people buy and sell commercial real estate, property management, and even land development. Of course before you decide that one of these careers are for you, you'll want to learn a bit more about this career, it's advantages, the education you'll need, the various positions available, the wages, and even several companies to check into.

Advantages of a Career in this Field

There are a variety of different advantages to getting involved in a career in the field of real estate. It is a field that provides freedom as well as flexibility. Also, your income will directly reflect how hard you work. People who are successful in this field are self motivated, people oriented, goal oriented, and persevering. Some of the rewards of a career in this field include freedom of time, helping others, potential for huge earnings, satisfaction, and an intellectual challenge. You also can enjoy a certain independence and you can often choose your own work environment as well.

Education Needed

Of course you are going to need some level of education if you are going to be involved in a career in real estate; however, the amount of education you'll need will greatly depend on the specific job you want to do within the field. Today there are many universities and collages that offer courses that are related to real estate and you can even specialize in programs that will allow you to get a BA in real estate as well. Of course not only are their education requirements, but there are professional requirements to be aware of.

You'll need to be licensed to work in this field, and from state to state, you'll find that the requirements vary, although in every state you'll have to a written exam. There are often classes that can be taken before the exam as well. So, you may want to check into the specific licensing laws in your area so you are familiar with the local requirements.

Job Positions

There are a variety of different job positions to consider within the real estate field. First of all, you can choose to work in residential brokerage, which deals with helping others sell and buy homes. This requires a lot of preparation, knowledge of local laws, and of course good people skills. Of course you may prefer to get involved in a career in commercial brokerage instead, dealing with properties that are income producing. Some other job positions that you may want to consider include office brokerage, land brokerage, real estate appraising, property development, land development, real estate research, real estate counseling, and urban planning.


Of course for most people, the money is important as well. Most people want to know that they can make a good living in what they do. So, let's take a look at the wages that you can earn when you get involved in a career in real estate. For most real estate agents, $40,000 a year is about average, although many make a lot more than that each year, depending on their motivation. Real estate brokers usually earn closer to $60,000 a year on average. Of course, usually in this field, as you gain experience, you'll find that your wages increase.

Several Good Companies

No doubt you are interested in knowing about some companies, both in the United States and in Canada that hire people that are involved in the real estate field. The following are several companies that provide great benefits and excellent salaries as well. In the United States, a few great companies to checkout include ROI Commercial Real Estate in Las Vegas, NV, RE/MAX Direct, which has offices all over the country, and One Percent Realty, in Dallas TX. Of course there are some excellent companies to consider in Canada as well, including First Canadian Title, which is all across Canada, SNC-Lavalin in Ottawa, and The People Bank Placement Group in Winnipeg.

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