Online Resources to Help Make a Career Choice

Making the proper career choice is extremely important. Choosing the wrong occupation for you can result in a mediocre career and a dissatisfying life. Choosing the right occupation for you can bring you a life of happiness and success. The first step in Choosing a career is to perform a self assessment.

A self assessment asks you questions to help you learn about yourself. Questions like: How much of your life's time and energy do you want to dedicate to your occupation? Do you mind working long hours or do you prefer a rich life outside of work? what kind of rewards do you desire from your work? Do you want emotional rewards like excitement and freedom from boredom, recognition and prestige, pride in your accomplishments, or do you prefer mostly financial rewards?

What type of work do you prefer? Do you like to study and do research, use your creativity, or do you prefer to have your tasks well defined before you carry them out? Are you a craftsman and like working with your hands, or do you like to work with information or ideas?

Which occupations match with your personality? Do you like working with people, or do you prefer to work alone? Do you like your work activities laid out for you by a supervisor or manager, or do you prefer to take responsibility for your own productivity?

what type of training or education does that occupation require? Does that requirement match with your comfort in the educational environment? Do you or your family have the ability to pay for the required training or education? Can you make the time and money commitments required to develop the required skills?

Choosing the right occupation for you that can bring you a life of happiness and success. Below is a list of online occupational descriptions and self assessment resources where you can learn about careers and learn about yourself.

O*Net Online The Occupational Information Network (O*NET) was developed for the US Department of Labor to make occupational information interactive and accessible for all. Start with a skills search.

The Career Key Sponsored by North Carolina State University, this site gives you expert help with career choices, career changes, career planning, job skills, and choosing a college major or educational program.

The Jobhunter's Bible This site, produced by the writers of the popular career planning book, What Color Is Your Parachute? is loaded with career tests, tools, information and advice about career planning. This site, provided by the U.S. Armed Forces, provides a Career Toolbox with a Work Interest Quiz, a Résumé Builder, and more. Sure, the careers listed are all in the U.S. Armed Forces, but it still gives you information about civilian versions of the jobs.

Occupational Outlook Handbook Provides and A-Z List of occupation descriptions and information along with vital information on job markets and career trends.

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