Your Boss as Your Mentor

If you want to be successful at work, you need to hook up with someone who can guide through the company's methods of operation and advise you on the company's culture. A mentor is a wise and trusted counselor or teacher. You need someone who has proven success and earned respect within the company, and who better than your boss?

A good mentor can advise you on how to solve problems and how to get things done on a day-to-day basis within the company. A good mentor can guide you on hoe to stay out of trouble and protect you when things go wrong. Your mentor does not have to be your boss, but who else has more experience, knowledge and authority to help you successful at work?

The down side of having your boss as your mentor is that you will be expected to adapt their attitude and view of the company, and their style of work, which may be way different then yours. At some point, you will outgrow your teacher and choose to do things your own way. Also, some bosses don't have the time or just don't care to be someones mentor.

Working with a mentor, be they your boss or someone else, DOES NOT mean having them carry you on their back. They should never to do your work for you. It does not mean asking them how to do every little thing so you don't have to do any thinking yourself. It DOES mean asking their opinion of your work, getting their advise. It DOES mean them helping you by letting you use their connections within the company.

Working with a mentor requires that you have respect for their time and learn their work habits so that you know when is the best time to approach them for their advise. And it's not just about them helping you, you should reciprocate for their help, maybe by buying coffee for them once in a while, maybe by doing them a favor once in a while.

If you want to be successful at work, you need a mentor who can advise you on how to solve problems and get things done within the company. Someone who is familiar with the company culture and has had proven success within the company. Who could make a better mentor than your boss?

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