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How To Impress Your Boss Without Sucking Up

Learning to impress your boss is a good way to improve your career. Doing that, without sucking up or being obvious, is an even better way to improve your career!

Everyone can spot someone who sucks up to their boss. It stands out like a sore thumb. They compliment them all the time, talk to them a lot about work and personal things in a manner that makes them seem like they're only doing it to get noticed, as well as many other things that make them seem like they're sucking up to them.

The key to impressing your boss is to be able to do it without sucking up. I've listed six tips that will help you to impress your boss without sucking up! That's right, six!

Arrive On Time (Or Early) Every Day

Employers always set standard or expected working hours. These are usually 9 AM until 5 PM, or slight variations of that. I've mentioned this in the Five Professional Tips post, but arriving on time is a great way to impress your boss. Arriving earlier is even better. You don't need to make a big deal out of it - arriving on time, consistently, will get noticed by your boss. All you'll need to do is walk in, maybe say good morning, and get to work. Your manager will notice that you're one of the workers that consistently arrives on time.

Stay Late

Staying back and putting in extra hours is a good way to impress your boss as well. Your manager expects results from you, and staying back will not only help you achieve those results, but will hopefully get a higher quality because you've had more time to work on them.

This is a point open to discussion, as on one side of the argument is the work⁄life balance and the ability to juggle your workload. The other side is the notion of going above and beyond and getting results. This may depend on your personal circumstances or family. Personally, I don't have a problem with staying back to get work done, and I know my boss both realises it and appreciates it.

Take Initiative

Your manager is there to manage the team's workload and direction set by their manager. They are not there to babysit you and tell you what to do every minute of the day. You should be able to make your own decisions and take initiative where it's needed. This can involve identifying problems in current processes or systems and suggesting solutions. It can also involve putting your hand up for work or ideas without your boss' involvement. This means there's less for them to do and to worry about, and they think that you're able to handle yourself at work and improve the team.

Find Solutions To Problems

This point is related to taking initiative, but it's a bit more than that. If you find a problem - either with a system, a team member, a current process, a project that's being undertaken, or anything else, you should have a solution or a suggestion before you mention it to your boss.

Have you noticed one of your co-workers is overworked and seems to be very stressed? Suggest to your manager that you take some of their work off them or help them out where you can. Notice a problem with a system? Come up with a solution that both fixes the immediate need and the long-term prevention of the issue.

Your manager will notice your problem solving skills and appreciate that you're doing work to help the team.

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