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FREE Ebook - A+ Certification Study Guide

FREE Ebook - A+ Certification Study Guide

According to the department of labor, employment of computer support specialists and systems administrators is expected to increase by 23 percent from 2008 to 2018, which is much faster than the average for all occupations. This occupation is expected to add 78,900 jobs over the projected decade.

Some employers prefer to hire applicants with some formal college education, but many companies are more flexible about requiring a college degree, however, certification and practical experience are essential. Certification training programs, offered by a variety of vendors and product makers, may help some people to qualify for entry-level positions.

This ebook provides some training to prepare you for the A+ certification exam. It is nowhere near complete and there is no guarantee that reading this ebook will be sufficient for you pass the exam. You will need to combine the study of this ebook with the study of other A+ certification exam preparation materials. But, after all, this ebook is free and it can be part of your collection of study materials.


The Computer Technician Career
The CompTIA A+ Certification Exam
Basic Computer Architecture
The Motherboard
CPU Slots and Sockets
CPU Cache Basics
A Guide to Basic PC Cooling
Hardware Resources Explained
Device Driver Basics
Plug and Play Resource Allocation
Anatomy of a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
How printers Work
Printer Troubleshooting
Anatomy of a Hard Drive
Installing a Hard Drive
Basics of RAID
Installing an Optical Drive
The Universal Serial Bus
Plus tons of troubleshooting and repair information
Plus tons of resources
Plus much much more ...

Download Now

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