It can be so frustrating when you get on your computer and you don't get any sound. What makes it worse is you have no idea how to fix no sound. We'll walk you through some basic sound troubleshooting to get your sound up and running again.
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How to Troubleshoot and Fix No Sound

It can be so frustrating when you go to work or play on your computer and you do not get any sound. What makes it worse is you have no iota how to fix no sound. When it comes to sound issues, most people's technical skills end with, "Is it muted?" Have no fear. We will walk you through some basic sound troubleshooting to get your sound up and running again.

Multiple Power Cords

In the past, speakers only needed to be plugged into the computer and this is still true for many laptop speakers today. However, if you bought speakers for your PC, then it is possible your speakers need an alternative power source as well.

In most cases, a power cord will plug into the back of the computer and will connect to an independent power supply. Therefore, you need to check if it is both plugged in and turned on. Additionally, if it is plugged into a surge protector, make sure the surge protector is receiving power as well.

USB Plug and Play Speakers

If you are using USB plug 'n play speakers, you will want to try a different USB port. Occasionally, a USB port will need to be updated or will go out. This will cause the device not to work in that port, until you fix the port.

If changing the port does not work, then you need to check the compatibility of the speakers with your computer. Not all speakers will work with all versions of Windows. Therefore, check your operating system against the operating systems listed on the package. If your operating system is not listed, take the speakers back. Most stores are willing to make the exchange for this type of error.

System Restart

Occasionally, when your computer updates, it will need to restart and you may cancel out the restart for some reason. You may be busy or have something going on at the time. Then, you forget to restart the computer and it does not get to completely update. It is also not unusual for your computer to have to restart twice after a needed update.

If your computer did not get a needed restart, your sound may not work correctly. Therefore, a quick system restart may solve your no sound problem.

Updating or Reinstalling the Sound Drivers

Any number of things could have happened which could cause you to need to update or reinstall your sound drivers. Some of the more common reasons include, new speakers, spyware, a virus, a system update, or upgrade in Windows.

The easiest way to update or reinstall the sound drivers is with driver update software. It will track down your driver type, system type and Windows operating system for you. Then it will identify any drivers in need of updating, including your sound drivers. After identifying the drivers, you would have the option to download and install the appropriate drivers for your computer and get your computer's sound back in less than two minutes.

With over 100,000+ unique devices and over 3,000+ manufacturers, DriverBoost is guaranteed to fix no sound with the correct and most up-to-date drivers for your PC in mere minutes.

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