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Victims of Sandy Hook

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Free eBook - How to Be a Video Game Designer

Free eBook - How to Be a Video Game Designer

Video games is a booming $50 billion industry, outpacing the movie industry by a wide margin even when you include DVD sales. For this reason the demand for video game designers has grown dramatically. If you have a creative mind and a passion for video games, you can earn a good living while having fun.

While many video game designers work for large game publishing companies, many new cutting-edge games come from independent game developers consisting of a small team or even a single individual. Entry into the video game industry by independents has been facilitated by availability of power free open-source game development tools and the communication and marketing capability of the Internet.

This ebook explains the job of a video game artist and shows you how to design 3D video game models and how to develop a video game that is exciting to play. It introduces you some free but powerful game engines. You'll learn if 3D animation the right career choice for you.

• Three Overlooked Keys to Making Outstanding Games
• How to Make a Video Game That is Exciting to Play
• How to Make a Video Game for your Xbox for Free
• How to Make 3D Video Game Models
• The Roles of a Video Game Artist - 3D Animation and Design
• Is 3D Animation the Right Career Choice For You?
• The Game Maker's Apprentice
• The Blender Gamekit

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