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Make a Simple Popup Flowers Card

Flowers Popup Card Step 1

A homemade card is a nice, affordable way to show someone you care. If your basic card feels like it's missing an extra touch, add some pop up art. Pop up flowers are a perfect addition to greeting cards that will brighten someone's day. Making them pop up is easily done with some extra paper and glue. Learning this technique should show you a skill applicable to other arts and crafts, enabling you to make pop up art of any shape.

1. Start with your card. Take any size piece of paper and fold it in half to make your card. Of course, you can make the card as big or small as you want and fold it to open sideways or flip up. Decorate the front and inside of your card however you wish. As you decorate the inside, plan how many flowers you want, how large you want them, and where you want them.

Flowers Popup Card Step 1

2. Mark the spot for your flowers. Once you've decorated your card, open it and use a pen to mark with an X where you plan to place your pop up flowers. This will give you a final number of how many you need to make. Once you mark the spots, put your card in a safe place so that you can make your flowers.

Flowers Popup Card Step 1

3. Cut out your flowers. Using colorful paper, outline as many flowers as you had X's on your card. You can make them all the same kind and color or you can vary them. Try cutting out two flowers and gluing them together. Rather than gluing them directly on top of one another, twist one so that the petals from the bottom are seen in between the petals of the other.

The size of your flowers and the length of your springs depends on how much wobble you want the flowers to have. Larger flowers will be heavier and flop around more, while smaller flowers will stay in place easier. Make sure you aren't obstructing your text with overly large flowers.

The easiest flower to draw will have four to five petals and you can easily draw one by placing a small circular item on your paper (a penny is a good starting point). Next, simply trace a bubbled outline around the circle to make your flower.

Flowers Popup Card Step 1

4. Add extras to your flowers. Now that you have all of your flowers cut out, you can decorate them. Use glitter, markers, or chalk to add fun to the future pop up flowers for your card. To make them 3D, you can fold the petals to give them some structure. Simply crease the petals down the middle so that the petals stand up.

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