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How to Draw a Cartoon Monkey

Draw a Cartoon Monkey

You've probably observed monkeys at the zoo. They seem to jump and play without a care in the world. When humans imitate this carefree behavior it's described as "monkeying around" and "monkey business". And if you're having too much fun they'll say you're "having more fun than a barrel of monkeys".

Jane Goodall studied monkeys and discovered that they are actually very intelegent. Researchers have learned that chimpanzees can make simple tools, use sign language, and even beat some humans in basic memory tests! Maybe monkeys are trying to teach us that having fun is a smart thing thing to do, and one fun thing to do is to draw a cute cartoon monkey. Here's how to do it.

Draw a Cartoon Monkey Step 1

1. Draw a flattened circle. This will be your monkey's head.

Draw a Cartoon Monkey Step 2

2. Draw the body and the tail. For the body, draw a letter "U" under the circle. Make the letter U a bit smaller at the top. Add a long swirly tail.

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