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How to Draw a Goldfish

Draw a Goldfish

People like goldfish. They're very cheap to buy and very cheap and easy to take care of. But that's not the real that you'll find many people with a goldfish in a bowl on their desk at work. It's because goldfish are very calming to watch as they swim and it's very calming to feed goldfish. They really take the edge of the stress at work, and they have a calming affect on anyone who visits your desk. It might have something to do with the fact that they're so beautiful, especially the fantail goldfish. Not only are goldfish very easy to take care of, they're also very easy to draw.

Draw a Goldfish Step 1

1. Draw the body. Create a pointed egg shape as a rough guide for the whole body. Inside this, draw a small oval for the head, a large circle for the body, and a small curved triangle for the tail part.

Draw a Goldfish Step 2

2. Draw a circle for each eyes and a smaller circle for the pupil. Add a curved line for the mouth. Your fish at this point should look a little sad - if you'd rather have a cheerful fish, go ahead and draw the mouth curving upwards rather than downwards.

Draw a Goldfish Step 3

3. Add in the gills. Draw a quarter circle just a few spaces from the eyes. Put in a few more if you wish.

Draw a Goldfish Step 4

4. Draw a triangle for the dorsal fin and two pointy heart shapes for the tail fins. The fins are fairly large in comparison to the body, taking up essentially half of the fish's total mass, so don't be afraid to go big or go home.

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