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Using a Sock to Make a Teddy Bear

It's not uncommon to give a teddy bear to a child or a loved one, but it is quite rare to give someone a teddy bear that you made yourself. If you're willing to put your sewing skills to work, you can give this traditional toy a personal touch and offer it affectionately to a special person. An easy way to make a teddy bear is to start out with a sock.

Teddy bear step 1

Step 1 Lay a sock out flat. Lay a sock out so that the flat of the foot is facing upward. This should create a fold at the heel.

Teddy bear step 2

Step 2 Cut the fabric for the head. Draw a circle at the end of the sock, using the curve of the toe as a base. Add ear at the top of the circle to make the outline of a bear's head. This should not take up more than a quarter of the length of the sock. Cut the fabric just above the line of the ears. Once it is cut out, cut off just a sliver of fabric at the very base of the circle to make a hole for the neck.

Teddy bear step 3

Step 3 Cut out the fabric for the arms and legs. Just above the heel, you'll see the tube of fabric that goes up the leg. Starting right after the curve of the heel ends and going until the hem of the sock, visually divide that length in half. Cut at that middle point on the long part of the sock. The end bit will be divided in two to make the arms. Cut a short split down the middle of the larger piece, until you reach the beginning of the heel. This will form the body and the legs.

Teddy bear step 4

Step 4 Stuff and sew the head. Flip the head inside out and then use a sewing machine or your hands to sew the top of the head closed. Once it's closed, flip it right side out and then stuff the head with filling. Sew the neck closed when you've reached the desired head size.

You can buy the stuffing used for stuffed animals at craft stores. If you don't want to do that, you can use cotton balls or scrap fabric to stuff your bear.

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