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How to Replace a Kitchen or Bathroom Faucet

Is it time for an update for your faucet?

Is it time for an update for your faucet? If it's just dripping, you can usually just replace a washer or other seal. If you'd like to replace the whole thing, though, don't worry. The procedure is pretty straightforward, especially if you have the right tools.

How many openings on your sink?

1. Look at your sink. Check to see how many openings there are and how far apart they are. You may have to look underneath to be sure. For bathroom faucets, in particular, the two handles may be a single unit with the spout or they may be spread apart from it. You will need this information to choose the correct replacement.

2. Obtain a replacement faucet. You'll probably be using this faucet a long time, so it's worth investing in a good-quality faucet.

• It's possible to spend anywhere from about $20 to $500 and up on a faucet. Read reviews and decide for yourself how much of what you are paying is for quality and how much is for designer names⁄styling and fancy features.

3. Review the instructions that come with the faucet. They can range from detailed and helpful to minimal and frustrating. When in doubt, defer to the manufacturer's instructions rather than those you find elsewhere.

4. Consider buying a basin wrench for under $20. It's a tool designed to reach way up behind your sink and remove the two big nuts on each side of the faucet that hold the faucet tight against the sink. If you can't easily loosen the nuts by hand or with the tools you have on hand, a basin wrench can make the job easier.

Remove everything from under the sink

5. Remove everything from under the sink and store it well out of your way.

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