The Internet has become a haven for crooks and it's no wonder that many people have become wary of doing business online. So I've devised a list of ten elements you should have on your website that will help build credibility with those people who are visiting your site.
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Ten On-Page Website Credibility Builders for Your Customer

The Internet has become a haven for crooks, pushers, thieves, and many more terms I can not think of at this exact moment in time and it is no wonder that many people who use the Internet have become wary of doing business online. Personally, I do not blame them; however that does not help those of us who want to provide a product or service to the billions of people surfing the net so I have devised a list of ten elements you should have on your website that will help build credibility with those people who are visiting your site.

I am quite sure you will know some of these ten on-page elements but there are others you may have thought about but never done anything about. So let us begin ...

Number 1 - Have a Clear Guarantee

Every Internet marketing guru or business coach will tell you that you must have a clear guarantee. Essentially a guarantee is simply a document that states to the customer that you standby your product or you will give the customer their money back. Many internet websites have guarantees, but very few in my experience will actually standby the guarantee but I will talk about that more in element number 10.

One other element about a guarantee is to make it believable. If it is not believable then nobody is going to buy from you. Let me explain ...

A few years ago I ran a campaign through my training company that a brand new intensive training program we had developed would get you a job within one month or we would hire you ourselves. Now I want to say, to this day, I standby that guarantee, but in reality the campaign was a total flop because nobody actually believed we were serious. In fact what happened was that most of the recruitment agencies actually called us asking us what positions we had available and could they fill them for us. These guys totally missed the point!

The bottom line is that if you are going to have a guarantee then it must be believable. If it is not then you have absolutely no hope of making a sale.

Number 2 - Verifiable Testimonials

Testimonials are everywhere on the internet. Just about every single sales site has at least one testimonial but most of them are non-verifiable. What I mean by verifiable is that there is no mechanism to prove whether that person really exists or if they really do support that product.

In fact, when I started thinking about this article, I found five websites on-line and contacted them to verify their testimonials. That is I rang them and asked them how I could get into contact with the people giving their testimonials. Guess what, most of them said they no longer stay in contact with those people or the testimonials were not real. The word ... BUSTED comes to mind!

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