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Website Landing Pages That Capture And Convert

One of the biggest mistakes that website owners make is the creation of website landing pages that are not designed for a single purpose and confuse the visitor by distracting them with unrelated messages and links. An effective website is one that meets its goals and objectives through landing pages that are clear, relevant and lead the visitor to take action. That action might be lead generation or the purchase of a product. In addition, carefully crafted landing pages can assist with company promotion, branding, visitor education and⁄or entertainment.

The website may be a single landing page designed for one purpose only or it may have multiple pages or sections that when combined, add strength and value to the website's overall mission and purpose. The best landing pages will include landing page optimization that incorporates keywords that are relevant and likely to be searched. This can draw in a stronger market, leading to much better landing page conversion. The following examples will make the landing page concept more clear.

Landing Pages for Lead Generation

If you are in a service-related business, your main objective may be to generate leads. Your visitors arrive on a landing page that presents a strong case for solving the visitor's problem, conveys trust and credibility, includes a low-risk offer and requests that the visitor complete an inquiry form. The visitor may be enticed to complete the form in exchange for a complimentary consultation or report. Whenever possible, the visitor's permission is obtained at that time to add them to your mailing list.

You might include a check box (checked) that says "I would like to receive information by email from [Your Company Name]." The overall goal of this landing page is to receive leads from the inquiry form and to create a database of people who have opted-in to your list and have agreed to receive your information by email. Your response to inquiries and your list can play a major role in converting prospects into loyal repeat customers for years to come.

Perhaps your objective is to sell one or more products or services through eCommerce on your website. In that case, your landing page for each item is designed to sell with a shopping cart and automatic payment gateway. Your product page or landing page should be very clear - it should include a picture of the item (if appropriate), clear benefits for the buyer and answers to all of the visitor's questions and objections including return policies and shipping information. If multiple products are being sold, policy information can easily be made accessible through additional links from each product detail page.

Depending upon your objective to sell one or more products, the visitor should be prompted to buy and check out, or add the item to his or her cart and continue shopping. Once the visitor completes the checkout process, it is important that he or she is automatically added to a database of customers. Be sure to comply with anti-spam policies and include this practice in your terms and conditions. Following up by email to your list of customers allows you to present a hot market with more and more opportunities to buy from you.

The Squeeze Page for Best Landing Pages and Improved Landing Page Conversion

The squeeze page is a landing page whose purpose is to get the visitor to take action (join a mailing list or buy a product) before giving them access to the rest of the website. There are minimal or no links to additional navigation. Once the visitor subscribes or buys, they are redirected to a page where they have access to the entire website and all of its navigation.

The Importance of Focused Website Landing Pages to Search Marketing

The value of search engines to businesses cannot be overstated. The vast majority of people in all age groups are heavily relying on search marketing when looking for products and services. Searching for keywords in local and worldwide markets is easily accomplished through the Internet. The quality of the landing page produced with searching is directly proportional to landing page conversion. Let me explain in simple terms what this means.

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