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How to Create a High Reponse Call to Action

Every online marketer has a different idea about what the parts of a good landing page should be, but everyone agrees that it should close with a strong call to action. A call to action compels the visitor to perform a specific task such as fill out a web form to purchase something or subscribe to an email mailing list.

A great call to action has several layers. The first layer describes the benefits provided by the product or service. The next layer describes bonuses that will be received if the visitor takes action. The next layer removes any risk to taking action by providing a guarantee. The next layer provides a scarcity or urgency message telling the visitor why they must buy now. The final layer is the actual call to action with the form to fill out and the button to click.

Studies have shown that an unconditional money back guarantee greatly increases the number of responses to a landing page.

"If not completely satisfied with this product your entire payment will be returned within 30 days no questions asked."

Many marketers leave out or make a much less powerful guantee fearing that they will be taken advantage. But studies show a complete unconditional money back guarantee increases sales way more than any returns that result from it.

Next a great call to action provides a scarcity or urgency message. Telling the visitor what they will lose by not buying right this minute. It might be limited inventory, a limited time or one-time offer.

A good trick that greatly increases reponse is to toss in another bonus just before the final call to action. Just before the form to fill out, maybe even between the form and the submit button. And if you can throw in several bonuses here, you'll get an even bigger response. These extra bonuses give the visitor the little extra nudge they need to click on the "buy" button.

Limit the number of actions the visitor needs to perform. You don't want to confuse the visitor at this point. Don't place any links or any other buttons near the "buy" button". Don't give the visitor any other choices at this point. Do provide a clear instruction "Click the button below right now".

The only distraction you might place near the "buy" button is a clear statement of what the result of clicking on the button will be, and maybe a reiteration of the complete guarantee. This eliminates any last minute confusion.

Online marketer have different ideas about what a landing page message should contain. But one thing they all agree on is that it must have a strong call to action at the end. Using the tips provided in this article will greatly increase your landing page response.

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