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How Can You Make Money From Joint Ventures?

Each party can make money from JV's. Here's how:


1. Take a cut of the front end: 50 percent is the norm but I have seen deals where endorsers require as much as 90 percent of the profits! This can be done because the endorsee will make so much money from the back end and subsequent offers that they are willing to lose money on the front end in order to get that valuable customer name.

Here Are Some Tips To Insure The Endorsers Payment:

Insist on a contract. These can be easily obtained from the internet and then modified to suit your purpose. However, you should have a lawyer review it first.

Take the payment yourself and send the endorsee the order and his cut.

Ask the endorsee to set up an affiliate code for you so that you can track hits and sales from your endorsement.


1. Give away that front end money: This might sound crazy but it is a proven strategy that does work. Have a back end product / service or several backends ready to work soon after you have the new customer name.

2. Offer new products to your new customers.

3. Set up affiliate software and only work JV's with people with huge lists: Affiliate scripts can be set up very easily using software that assigns a unique tracking number to your JV partners (essentially your salespeople) and allows them to refer prospects to a sales letter that contains their own unique code. This code allows them to track all sales credited to their referrals. Big money idea!

4. Have a non-disclosure agreement ready before you enter into any deals: If you do not know what these are, non-disclosure agreements are contracts that insure that any proprietary concepts that you reveal remain private and between you and your potential JV partner.

JV Brokers:

1. Look for potential candidates for deals and make introductions: Explain and educate both parties on what a Joint Venture is and the potential earnings. Take a percentage of the profits off the front end and possibly the back end.

2. Help with copywriting: A lot of clients you put together will have absolutely no clue how to write a sales letter. Help write it or recommend someone who can and take a percentage of the copywriters fees.

Would you like to know how to bring your own products, services (or even your ideas) to market even if you have no money, no contacts and no resources of your own? Joint Venture Secrets Revealed 2.0 will give you the blueprint you must have.

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