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101 Ways to Use Social Media for Marketing

There are literally an endless number of ways that you can use social media as a marketing tool. In that spirit then, here are 101 ways that social media can be used as a marketing tool.

1. Use it to build your email list.
2. Run a contest.
3. Syndicate your blog posts to various sites. Most of them allow this especially facebook, twitter and linkedin.
4. Use it to connect with people you meet offline.
5. Run ads on it.
6. Post book reviews of marketing books and include your affiliate link from Amazon.
7. Create your own online tv show.
8. Broadcast live over video and invite people to come and listen to you talk or ask you questions.
9. Use it to connect with long-last friends and contacts.
10. Share videos you create.
11. Share things you have available for sale.
12. Create a game around your business and promote it with social media.
13. Share your monthly or weekly newsletter.
14. Use it to increase your search engine rankings.
15. Create an iphone application for your business and promote it with social media.
16. Find a job.
17. Invite people to a live event.
18. Invite people to a teleseminar.
19. Invite people to a webinar.
20. Share your graphics or photography.
21. Share your recipies.
22. Share your craft items.
23. Use text messaging and share your campaign.
24. Promote your blog with social bookmarking.
25. Promote your yard sale.
26. Sell your junk.
27. Promote your ebay auctions.
28. Share your writing and include affiliate links.
29. Promote articles you have written that generate money such as those from examiner.com and associated content.com.
30. Promote your adsense sites.
31. Give away a free report.
32. Give away a free audio.
33. Give away a free video series.
34. Give away free samples.
35. Have a party and get people to come.
36. Promote your membership site.
37. Promote offline classes.
38. Promote your squidoo lenses.
39. Share coupon codes for your business.
40. Promote an open house.
41. Promote a special sale.
42. Promote your podcast.
43. Do research to find out what people will buy.
44. Sell ebooks.
45. Sell CDS.
46. Sell DVDS.
47. Promote your home business opportunity.
48. Promote your web design services.
49. Promote your coaching business.
50. Increase links to your website.
51. Use a fan page instead of a website. Many businesses are doing this.
52. To sell or buy a home.
53. To sell copies of a book you have written.
54. To do research for a school or work project.
55. To increase sales of a magazine.
56. To collaborate on a project with some other people.
57. To do keyword research.
58. To share music you have written.
59. To fundraise for your organization or group.
60. To find fundraising ideas for your organization or group.
61. To promote your online store.
62. To find ideas for an online store.

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