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Creating a Small Business Marketing Plan

It is imperative that, as a small business owner, you create a marketing plan. It's also imperative that you realize your marketing plan is going to be a work in progress. Your plan (and you!) must be flexible enough to change and adapt to the current market conditions, changes in the economy, advances in technology and so on.

Here are six great tips to keep in mind when you begin creating your own small businessmarketing plan:

1. Establish Goals

Your small business marketing plan should be very goal oriented. Being able to visually see what your intentions are for your business can often help you plan and organize in a way that will help you reach your goals quicker and more efficiently. Before beginning your marketing plan you should sit down and write out exactly what goals you intend to reach.

Next, figure out a rough idea of how you plan to reach these goals. Be as specific as possible; include exact numbers (number of clients, number of products, number of websites, etc), exact dollar amounts (amount of sales, amount of profit, amount of affiliate commissions, etc) and exact dates (when your website will be completed, when your sales calls will be made, when your products will be released, etc.) There is no way you can draft an outline of what you plan to do with your business unless you really know what you want out of your business.

2. Identify Yourself

Though many small business owners do not see the point in creating a brand for themselves, you are creating a brand whether you realize it or not. So why not do it deliberately? Include in your marketing plan exactly what you want your customers' and the market's perception of your business to be. What personality will your business take on? What do you want to be known for? What do you want the "gossip" about you to be about? This should be spelled out in your marketing plan and should be something that you actively strive for on a day to day basis.

3. Develop a Budget

Be sure to include in your yearly marketing plan the budget for the year as well as your plan for achieving this budget. Though there will always be additional financial documentation separate from the marketing plan, it helps to include exactly what your goals are for spending, budget, and earning. This way you have a perfect example to look at; and remember to always leave room for flexibility and editing of your marketing plan.

4. Describe Your Product or Service

One of the greatest things about your small business marketing plan is that it will come in very useful as your business grows. You'll be able to hand it off to your new team members and they'll have a perfect sense of where the business is going and how it's going to get there.

But one of the funniest things I encounter in working with small businesses is that many of the ancillary team members can't exactly tell me what the business they work for does. Since they're only involved in a small portion of the business, they're not familiar (or have never been told) the big picture. This is especially true with consulting businesses and service providers.

So be sure to describe in detail your product or service and how it will improve the lives of your customers. Many small business owners skip this step, thinking they already know exactly what they do. But remember, you'll have a larger audience than just yourself for your small business marketing plan - and you might be pleasantly surprised at useful this step is to you and how you view your future marketing activities.

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