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Newsletter Marketing - How To Get Maximum Leverage From Your Website

What is the most important part of your online business? Many people would say: "my website". And that's understandable – it's the most visible part of an internet business.

But the real power in your online business is email. It's the ability to reach your database of contacts at the click of a button. The efficiency of your email pipeline will determine how much money your business makes.

Your website is just a way of building your mailing list - by collecting the email addresses of your visitors.

In fact, we're not talking about one list, but several. Here are the lists that I maintain – they’re all people who at one time or another have visited my websites:

people who have bought my products
people who have signed up to receive my articles
people who have joined my affiliate program
people who have signed up for my email course
people who have joined my newsletter

So why are these lists so important?

Because most of your visitors won't buy on the first contact. Statistics show that most people will need to see your message seven times before they make a purchase. So if you're not collecting the email addresses of your visitors, you are losing out on a lot of sales.

But there is one list in particular that is like gold. It's your list of previous customers. These people are predisposed to buying from you. In fact, some businesses make 80% of their sales from previous customers.

All well and good - but what do I do with these lists? Here are some ideas:

announce your latest product to your customer list
announce your latest product to your affiliates list
send your latest article to your articles list
announce your latest product in your newsletter
publish your latest article in your newsletter
announce "related" products to your customer list (back end sales)
send your latest article to your affiliates list so they can use it to promote your products

For each list that you manage you will need:

1. an autoresponder account or an autoresponder script and
2. a way of capturing your visitor's email address.

1. Autoresponder Accounts

An autoresponder account gives you the ability to manage a list without installing software - it's all done on a remote website. Most autoresponder accounts will give you:

an email address for subscribing
;an HTML form for subscribing
seven or more follow-up messages
a confirmation email to you every time someone joins
the ability to broadcast messages to your list
the ability to personalize your messages
online stats
database of your prospects

Here are some sites that offer autoresponder accounts:


Now, autoresponder accounts cost between $17 and $20 per month. And with most autoresponder services you can only manage one list per account. So if you are managing five lists, that quickly adds up to a hefty monthly bill.

But there are a few services that allow you to manage multiple lists with one account. Here are some of them:


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