There are basically three ways that people can arrive at your site: using search engines, clicking on a link from another website, or by typing your URL in web browser. Almost half of all internet users use search engines on a typical day.
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How to Optimize Your Site For Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is is the process of tweaking web site properties to obtain higher rankings in search engine results. However, ranking in itself does not guarantee profits, you need targeted prospective visitors sent to your website for that. So why are the Search Engines so vital? Well, there are over 162 million registered websites on the web.

There are basically three ways that people can arrive at your site: using search engines, clicking on a link from another website, or by knowing your URL (uniform resource locator) and typing that in web browser.

Almost half of all internet users use search engines on a typical day online. A site that does not appear on the first page of search results might as well be invisible.If your site is invisible, you will not get any visitors, nor make any sales.

There are three search engines that are of supreme importance though: Google accounts for about 62 percent of all searches, Yahoo about 21 percent, MSN (Bing) about 9 percent. That said, there is no need to give any credence to ads promising submission to hundreds or thousands of search engines. I mean, Google, Yahoo and MSN combine for over 90 percent of all searches. Likewise, you shouldn't give any credence to any ads promising a number 1 SE rankings, because no legitimate company can promise you that. It has been said, that in offline marketing, there is no elevator to success, everyone must take the stairs. The same is true in online marketing. If you want a fighting chance of making it big online, you will have to spend some time, or money, or both. But you will definitely invest something. In spite of everything you've heard, there is no free lunch on the internet.

There are several things you can do to rank higher. One thing you can do is construct a SE friendly site that facilitates easy crawling or spidering. This includes having a SE friendly URLs constructed with different keywords on different pages. You can also create linkable footers on every page. Also creating a site index will make it easier for the search engine to crawl your site. But what is really going to matter is the content of your site.

Specifically, the search engines are looking for relevancy, link popularity, and unique original content. Google, for one, pays a lot of attention to site relevance in its search results. Relevance is about making your site a useful resource for information instead of "keyword stuffing" and other tricks. So if someone arrived at your site upon entering a specific search phrase, would they be satisfied with what they found? So relevance denotes how well your site meets the information needs of the user.

Sometimes how relevant a site is can be determined by its link popularity. That is the number of associated sites linking in to your website. And of course, one of the things that's going to influence your link popularity is the presence of unique, original content. Because of all of the competition on the web, you want to be creating content for your site on a consistent basis, some even say daily. If your site is not being updated, the search engines will assume that there is nothing new on your site, so why send somebody there?

There are quite a number of content marketing strategies, like article and video marketing, that you can employ. In addition, there are several Inbound Link Campaigns that you can use to raise your link popularity. Still you will see a lot of short-cuts out there, like automatic content generators and others. Because people are always looking to beat the system, search engines like Google often change the rules. Sometimes, if Google feels like you are trying to cheat, or if your site lacks relevance they may reduce your Page Rank or take other punitive actions against you and your site. But if you just buckle down and do the work, create unique and relevant content on a consistent basis; then your relationship with the search engines should be a fruitful one.

Reginald Liggins is an internet marketing trainer and coach. The automated marketing system that Reginald uses to explode his business opportunities as well as generate multiple income streams can be found at Conquer The Internet.

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