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TouchGraph Google Browser

The TouchGraph Google Browser is an application that leaves some people saying "so what", and leaves others in awe. Type in a keyword or a URL, and click on the [Graph It!] button, and after a slight delay, you'll see a visual representation of websites related to the keyword and their interconnections.

TouchGraph Google Browser

You can scroll and zoom the output window. Move your mouse over one of the circles and a tooltip popup appears which provides information about the site. Click on the "+" in the upper-right corner of the popup to view information about the site and a link.

Some people are saying that this application, although visually interesting, doesn't provide any more information than a regular google search. If you're just looking for search results, that's probably true. But if you want to study the interconnectivity of the Web, it provides much more information.

This application could be very useful for market research. Type in a keyword related to your product and you'll learn about how you and your competition fit into the structure of the Web. Type in your Web site's URL and you'll learn how your website fits into the structure of the Web.

The TouchGraph Google Browser application is free to use , but first make sure you have the latest version of Java installed on your computer. I think you'll find this application visually interesting, and providing useful information.

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