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America's Byways

America's Byways

Because of low interest rates, America is experiencing a development boon. Our beautiful scenery is being replaced by housing projects, office buildings, and shopping malls. How long will it be before much of America's beauty is gone? How long will it be before the price of gasoline is so high we can't afford to travel to see America?

Now might be the best time to take a road trip. For information about America's scenic byways, visit the America's Byways website run by the U.S. Department of transportation. At the website, you'll find a map of the U.S. Click on a region or choose a state from the drop-down list to locate a scenic byway. You'll get information, beautiful pictures, and a detailed map.

The website has many other useful features:

Browse photographs
Get trip ideas
Plan your trip
Send an e-postcard with one of 50 pictures

Before you leave the site, don't forget to send for a free colorful printed map of America's scenic byways www.byways.org.

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